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Is the origin of fear in the intestine not in the head?

You may have already rated this startling message to other places on the Internet and wonder why we blog about it past. The discovery of the relationship between the state of intestinal flora and the emergence of colt we hold however for thrilling enough in order to present readers which was not known to the message.Intestine

Animals with broken intestinal flora were anxious.

The causality between Gut Flora and Psyche discovered as a result of experiments on mice by US researchers. In the mice whose intestinal flora has been destroyed by antibiotics, it has been observed behavior changes: the animals were anxious and incautious.

Interaction between gut and brain.

The impairment of the bacterial flora of the intestine caused chemical changes in the brain. It was increasingly the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (“brain derived neurotrophic factor”) which is off. The responsible for the development of depression and anxiety disorders brain-derived neurotrophic factor is a protein and plays on important role in the central and peripheral nervous system. He caused the proper functioning and formation of new neurons and synapses. Disorders of the growth factor BDNF can lead to many diseases of the nervous system, such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, bulimia, anorexia, autism, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Another argument for the correctness of their findings: The researchers have introduced the people who suffer from inflammatory bowel disorders, that are affected by depression and disorders. The results of this study are further proof of how important it is for doctors, therapists and for the patients themselves, to perceive holistically and to learn to interpret signals from the body’s own right.

Intestinal flora has an immense significance for our holistic health!

  1. The intestinal flora is inhabited by important microorganisms. These micro-organisms live in a mutual dependence with the human body in “symbiosis” and are therefore referred to as a “symbiote”.
  2. Every 10th cell of the intestinal mucosa is a lymphatic immune cell.
  3. The healthy bacterial flora activates our immune system.
  4. 80% of our immune system are Spaces on the intestine and the intestine formed.
  5. The intestinal flora nourishes the upper mucosal cells.
  6. It is allows the correct cleavage of the food.
  7. It’s produces large quantities of nutrients – among others vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, K, folic acid, biotin and pantothenic acid.
  8. The small intestine makes the colon for a milieu in which at its flora can develop optimally.
  9. Intestinal flora regenerated oxidized vitamins and enables the absorption of vital nutrients.
  10. It breaks down toxins.
  11. Help the healthy intestinal bacteria to utilize the food properly.
  12. The intestinal flora is important to the function of the lymphatic system.
  13. It produces antibiotic protective substances that protect against the attack of hostile microorganisms.

This considerable list of reasons why we should take care of our colon health! They should give us the overview of what is required to make the intestinal flora in our bodies and why we should care about it.