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Only half of the people infected with the flu virus are really sick – Why?

The condition of the immune system is responsible for whether we get sick after we were exposed to a flu virus. A study at the University of Michigan found that half of the subjects who were exposed to the virus, suffering from flu, while the other half remain healthy. The explanation lies in the quality of the immune system. Constantly care along with a positive lifestyle is the best defense against flu and other infections.

Flu virusThere is a widespread misconception that the only way to prevent the flu is not to come with the virus in contact, but if to wash his hands quickly the virus can’t take opportunity, to penetrate in the body’s. As a result there are a variety of hand disinfectants and antibacterial soaps, whose sale is requested at every flu season by being as your best defense against the flu virus touted. Well, proper handwashing is certainly a good idea to minimize the risk of infection (water and soap are all you need to do this). There is no need to use antibacterial agents. However, it is rather unrealistic to think that you can avoid contact with an infectious virus. But you must not panic. That they were exposed to a virus, does not necessarily mean that they are also ill!

The decisive factor for the health of your immune system!

It is the state of the immune system – not the bacteria or virus itself – that determines whether you get sick or not, even if they came into contact with the germs. The new study by the University of Michigan can help to create world myth after which one only gets no flu if you avoid the flu virus. In this study 17 healthy people were exposed to the flu virus, but only 8 of it was really sick. And the other nine? The did not get sick – These People feel be completely Call Call healthy. About it addition, Researchers found changes in the blood 36 hours before the onset of flu symptoms and all Showed on immune response, regardless of whether or not people to feel. The study’s author of professor at the University of Michigan, the College of Engineering, MSNBC said: “Many people may conclude that if you are exposed to a virus and you just do not get sick, because the virus has not SUFFICIENT force, or it was so weak that your body system has not noticed. That’s not the correct conclusion: There is an active immune response, which is responsible for the resistance of certain people, and this response is as active as the response that we all, know and hate, namely, cold, fever, cough and sneezing. It’s just that the answers are different“.

Furthermore, there were differences in gene expression and the biological metabolism among those people who have been ill compared to those people who remained immune. These differences were found in the antioxidants. In the symptomatic participants the antiviral immune response and inflammatory showed reactions which can be associated with virus-induced oxidative stress . In non-symptomatic participants, these reactions were strictly regulated. The asymptomatic group also had an increased expression of genes which are responsible for the function of antioxidant in responses and cell-mediated reactions.

If a healthy immune system and may keep flu-free year after year, it is then necessary to get a flu vaccination?

The choice is yours if you accept the four major factors:

  1. All vaccines are immunosuppressive – that is they suppress the immune system, which for weeks and months to stop working then normal. This could lead to an increased risk of other, non-viral flu or another infectious disease.
  2. Flu vaccinations are notoriously efficient and shows in a study many disadvantages to your health when it, the due a measurable impact in terms of circumventions of disease and mortality from the flu. After the great flu vaccination campaign in US history, so there was a US study to the conclusion that vaccination of staff of a nursing home not affect on confirmed influenza cases among “older residents” of the nursing homes had.
  3. Only about 20 percent of flu-like illnesses are actually caused by influenza type A or B , according to the “US Center for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC). Respiratory Syncytial virus, coronavirus and rhinovirus, to name just a few – the other 80 percent are caused by more than 200 other causes that you just can get sick. The flu shot can virtually no symptoms, which prevent the latter viruses that cause 80 percent of flu-similar symptoms. Only a healthy immune system can do that!
  4. If you have come into contact with influenza viruses and have a good immune response, you are likely to recover quickly and without complications , and your natural immunity against the influenza strains and get something similar. Since vaccines your natural first line of defense deal (your IgA immune system), they never provide 100% protection because they act only temporarily. As a rule, they give you only an inferior immunity over those to the warehouse of your body naturally alone will be able to prevent a disease or a speedy recovery to cause.