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More potassium are taking instead of salt – so the high blood pressure become lower!

Who wants to lower his blood pressure are should consume more calcium-rich fruits and vegetables rather than simply focus on an economical salt consumption. A long-term study has shown that a high salt intake, while providing more deaths from cardiovascular diseases, but only for those people who are taking too little potassium through food. The finding is based on 15 years of observations of 12,000 Americans.High blood pressure

Hypertension reduced by higher calcium intake.

A lower rate of fatal cardiovascular disease and sustainable results in the lowering of blood pressure are related not with to salt reduction, but to higher intake of potassium. Potassium is a neutralizer of the salt contained in the sodium , which is the biggest culprit when it comes to high blood pressure. Thanks to potassium excess sodium is discharged via kidney from the body, thus removing his blood pressure.

Imbalance between sodium and potassium in the body promotes hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Calcium sources.
So that we can protect ourselves from this damaging condition, we should eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, which is rich in potassium. A good choice for this are carrots, spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, avocado, legumes, berries and stone fruits. Potassium is very well represented in most fruits and vegetables, so it is straightforward to obtain supplies in this mineral and prevent the hypertension in this way. It is important to know that due to a high sugar content is not advisable to often eat bananas, apricots and baked potatoes, although these foods are rich in potassium.

Excess sodium is caused by an increased consumption of finished products.

Because of this, it brings us a significant success in the fight against high blood pressure, if we consistently use less salt. If you simultaneously stop to take processed foods such as sausages, canned food, ready meals, the sodium in the blood is replenished in no time anew. Conclusion is that if you eat plenty of fresh, does not need to reduce the salts.

Despite the advantages of potassium in people with kidney disease should be caution.

People with dwindling renal function must be careful with potassium, even if they suffer from high blood pressure. Reason: their kidneys are not able to control this the rejection of potassium, which can lead to a quick overdose. This may in turn jeopardize general health.