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Multiple sclerosis may cause a disturbance of the blood vessels in the neck?

Scientists has a completely new idea of how multiple sclerosis can be treated. They found that the brains of MS patients have higher levels of iron, which were atypical for the time of illness. These iron deposits had a unique pattern, often forming in the core of the brain to the veins around that normally transport the blood from the head.Multiple Sclerosis

If the iron from the blood in the brain could not collect properly. With Doppler ultrasound, they began the neck regions of MS patients to investigate and made an extraordinary discovery. Almost 100 percent of patients had a narrowing, twisting or outright blockage of the veins that are flush and fully consistent normally. He checked these veins in healthy people, and found none of these malformations. He found similar blockages in patients with other neurological diseases. Scientists called this venous disorder CCSVI or Chronic Venous Insufficiency of Liquor. The team launched a study in which they treated 65 MS patients to see if endovascular surgery can restore blood flow and then reduce the symptoms of MS. Preliminary results show that patients had a decrease in the number of new MS attacks and substance decline in the number of brain lesions that define MS, and improved quality of life. Since the surgery freed the blood flow, the team called the procedure “The Liberation Treatment”.

The usual prescription for MS is a lot of highly toxic drugs, including:

  • Prednisolone, a steroid hormone that can significantly affect your immune system and cause diseases such as osteoporosis and cataracts.
  • Interferon: This medicine is quite misleading, because although it is a natural substance, it is usually given in a dose that reduces the natural feedback of your body. As a result, this type of treatment tends to cause more harm than good to do.

There is a strong recommendation not to treat with these drugs, and if you are already adjusted to this type of medication, you should seek wean as soon as possible of it, since these drugs are among the most toxic drugs in medicine, which is currently applied will. At first glance of scientists approach seems a much better option for alleviating the symptoms of MS than any other MS drugs. It is very new, but seems to provide a good remedy and this with a minimum of side effects. However, the research also suggests that abnormal levels of iron in the body can also affect the development of other brain disorders. So it could be that excess iron is already in itself an important factor in diseases of the brain.

Why is checking your iron levels so important?

Excess iron can cause damage to the endothelium (inner lining of blood vessels) and thus lead to the formation of large amounts of free radicals. It can also lead to diseases such as cancer, and can cause damage to your DNA. So if you suffer from MS, it is very important to have your blood checked to iron overload out. This check can be done easily through a simple blood test, called serum ferritin test are performed. This is one of the most important tests that should anyone make at regular intervals as part of a preventive, proactive health care. The healthy parts of the serum ferritin be between 20 and 80 ng/ml. Below 20, you have an iron deficiency, and more than 80 have an iron overload. The ferritin levels may actually be very high, it was found levels of about 1,000. The ideal range is between 40-60 ng/ml. If your iron level is too high, you must donate blood. Normally a person would need a blood sampling to three times per year, sometimes a donation each month, when your body can tolerate this until you have sufficient lower your ferritin level.

MS may also be treated with natural options.

MS is a chronic, degenerative disease of the nerves in the brain and spine, caused by a Demyelisations process. Myelin is the insulating layer, a waxy substance around the nerves in the central nervous system. Myelin damage caused by an autoimmune disorder or a self-destructive process of the body causes a malfunction of the nerves in the course of time, which leads to a number of symptoms including:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Incoordination or loss of coordination
  • Astigmatism
  • Tremor.

Since these diseases are known and after researching a variety of natural health therapies, there are a number of natural strategies for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.