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Myths about chocolate

Sweets make you fat. This wisdom have been etched in the minds of the people and it’s also right per se. The high sugar content transforms the goodies in true energy bombs that despite a high number of calories hardly have nutrients and thus bring our energy budget duly out of joint. When this “sugar bomb” combined with too little exercise, a high Sweets suggests consumption sooner or later often detrimental to our weight and thus harms the cardiovascular system.–°hocolate

Among the favorite snacks of Americans chocolate always have counts in all imaginable varieties and variants. However, the high popularity cannot hide the dark side. Chocolate is rightly considered calories bomb, already 100 grams of sweet delicacy correspond with 500 calories about one-fifth of the average daily energy requirement.

Profit from chocolate and cocoa.

Often this goes down, however, the cacao plant, an essential part of any high-quality chocolate, is quite well health-promoting substances contains. Particularly valuable are proving to the counting of the phytochemicals flavonoids. These are capable of the blood vessels of the people are resilient and thus allow for a positive effect on blood pressure, although this effect is relatively small. The flavonoids act also in their function as antioxidants and thus protect us from free radicals. The polyphenols contained in cocoa also benefits for the heart, because they have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

In order the cocoa bean can demonstrably points with several positive effects on our health.

Dark Chocolate.

For all chocolate lovers this fact unfortunately still does not mean a free ride for repentant free consumption of Milka and Co.

The cocoa content in milk chocolate often amounts only 25%, with even white chocolate no cocoa is included. The chocolate is clearly one of candies. Of course, the quantity can turn on it in the poison but a piece will not kill you. However Recommendable is dark chocolate with higher cocoa content (70% and more).

At the taste you have to get as accustomed, after the adaptation period you will be rewarded with a lot of flavor chocolate.

According to science, the daily intake of 7-20 grams of dark chocolate (about 2-3 pieces) is harmless and has demonstrably positive effect on health. In addition to the aforementioned health-promoting effects on the cardiovascular system chocolate scores here as a source of energy. In addition to the aforementioned health-promoting effects on the cardiovascular system chocolate is the source of energy. So be careful when going to a lot of dark chocolate before sleep.

The benefits for psyche from moderate consumption of the sweet temptation. Because associated with chocolate positive emotions and memories in our brains activate proven the neurotransmitter dopamine, suggesting our reward center (nucleus accumbens) happiness.