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Sweating is normal, but sometimes disturbing

Sweating is a completely normal function of the human body to regulate its temperature. Are not always physical exertion or warm weather trigger a welding outbreak. If excessive sweating constantly uncomfortable wet hands or feet, and leads to visible sweat stains on clothes, help is needed.

Sweating is normalAny party knows, may be excessive sweating and the associated symptoms such as unpleasant. Because despite intensive personal hygiene, it comes through the welding time and again to unpleasant odor. But reason is not the sweat itself, because it is odorless. Only when the body fluid is broken down by bacteria of the skin flora thereof, degradation products, spread the typical unpleasant smelling odor. A process that has nothing to do with poor hygiene and still can be a problem with frequent periods of sweating.

Welding is vital for the body.

Normally welding the necessary cooling of the human body makes. It evaporates emitted by the sweat glands in the skin liquid and the resulting evaporative cooling regulates body temperature. Welding also produces an acid film on the skin, thereby forming the natural acid mantle, which has antimicrobial properties and protects the body against pathogens. Even at rest, the body produces up to 2 liters of sweat a day. With great effort or at very high ambient temperatures, this amount can greatly increase. However, it is not always the effort trigger a sudden outbreak of sweat. In addition to assessment itself can in fact causes such as hyperthyroidism, infections, hormonal changes and a pathologically increased sweat production, the so-called hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating and hide behind. Therefore, excessive sweating should be medically ascertained without apparent reason and treated if necessary.

Tips for excessive sweating.

Besides a possible therapy such persons can of course do something against excessive sweating. So besides helping intense personal hygiene deodorants or antiperspirants primarily to prevent body odor. These include deodorant antibacterial agents that inhibit the growth of bacteria sweat decomposing and thus prevent unpleasant odor. However, it can sometimes bring the natural skin flora exactly those substances. Antiperspirants attack against it in a perspiration, as their active ingredients, mostly aluminum salts, narrow the sweat pores and can thus reduce perspiration by up to 50 percent. In addition, many antiperspirants inhibit the growth of bacteria sweat decomposing. In addition to chemical agents, of course, can effectively reduce sweating and medicinal plants. So especially sage tea for its antiperspirant effect is known. However, baths or liniments with fenugreek seeds or tannins example of oak bark and walnut leaves can reduce perspiration. It should also be dispensed with excessive sweating both spicy foods, coffee, alcohol and nicotine as well as air-impermeable, artificial fibers in clothing and shoes.