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Night sweats – a symptom of a disease?

Not everyone who wakes up at night drenched in sweat, thought must be the same about his health, because most of these night sweats has quite harmless causes. However, if the night sweats there are further symptoms, such as fever or weight loss, a doctor should be consulted.

Night sweatsIn principle, night sweats quite normal. Everyone loses at night up to half a liter of fluid . The designated by physicians as, nocturnal hyperhidrosis, often does not require special treatment. Reason can be so simple, that individuals must change sleepwear or even the bedding. However, just this interruption of sleep affect the quality of sleep much so that many sufferers feel the next morning whacked. The causes for the night sweating can be many and varied. Most harmless are certainly wrong sleeping conditions. In addition to warm duvets can also cause overheating bedroom. It is therefore advisable to pay attention, especially in summer on thin quilts. In addition, the bedroom temperature should preferably be between 16° and 18° C.

Night sweats as a symptom of a disease.

Besides false sleeping conditions reason of night sweats can also be nightmares, alcohol, nicotine, an incipient flu or different medications. Women also often suffer in menopause from night sweats. Cause here are quite natural hormonal changes. In contrast to this, night sweats in the long term can also be warning of a serious illness. So it happens for example when thyroid function disorders, rheumatic diseases, hepatitis and HIV infection, endocardium inflammation and various cancer also can cause night sweats. Recurrent, severe night sweats for no apparent reason therefore should not be underestimated and must be clarified by a doctor. As a precaution, from night sweats you can try sage tea because it has a strong antiperspirant effect.