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With proper care, can solve many foot problems

Feet must work very hard every day, because they carry throughout their lives of people, with his entire body weight almost four times around the Earth. No wonder they suffer, especially since they are often hidden in too narrow, too stiff or impermeable shoes.

Foot problemsThe vast majority of foot problems are due to everyday footwear and often develop in childhood. In addition to platform lowering and spreading many troubles already showing in children’s age like bruises, warts, calluses and fungus infections. Even in adulthood, this is don’t become better. Among the fashionable shoes made especially for women, popular high heels contribute to problems such as corns or ingrown toenails. However, the cause is not only the shoes , but also above-average load, overweight and a careless foot care plays in the problem development of foot. Especially the latter is neglected in many adults. This is particularly evident in the warm season, when the otherwise hidden in stockings and shoes feet are presented in sandals.

Simple tips for beautiful summer feet.

To make the feet after the long cold season again presentable, usually a simple care program is already sufficient. First, helps a relaxing foot bath. It not only makes the skin soft and supple, but also the toenails can then bring in perfect shape. Excess cornea can be removed with a special file, or during the footbath before the bath with a pumice stone. But beware, it can only be scratched so long, so long as no pain occur. Otherwise, it may cause injury to the sensitive subcutaneous layer. Following the sensitive and usually dry skin of the soles of the feet it can be powered by rich creams with moisture and fat. In corns, or athlete’s foot, warts and ingrown nails, however, the council by qualified personnel should be invoked to prevent the spread of infection or inflammation.