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Organ Donation

Organ donation can save lives. At the same time, the decision usually comes at the worst possible time: Namely, when an organ in the first place out of the question – after a serious, fatal accident.Organ Donation

Often members have to make a tough decision for those concerned: both for their own relatives as well as for the eventual recipients. This decision will only be precipitated by the relatives, if one has not been set as far back as to whether and how you want to make a donation. On June 7 of this year’s Day of Organ Donation was held.

The day is for information and want to cheer for a decision for or against organ donation, in order not to put in an emergency the affected families before the crucial question. If this has not been established during his lifetime, the bereaved asks for a possible organ donation, such as the deceased had decided. That is why a debate on the issue is so important. It is certainly better to make this decision after careful consideration for himself, as his closest relatives to overwhelm so if the situation arises.

You want to contribute to the formation of opinion and free decision and answer any open questions to donate organs.

The idea came, when faced with the issue for the first time the family and friends noticed that she knew nothing about the subject. Claudia had an autoimmune disease and had at the age of 20 years, as her condition worsened, wait four years for a lung transplant. This time use them and their friends with the establishment of the association.

By building knowledge, the topic of organ donation should be made socially acceptable. The motto here is: The decisive factor is the decision!
How important is that, statistics show: every eight hours dies in Germany a man who probably would have remained alive, he would have received a donor organ.

At parties and sporting events, in universities, businesses and schools, the association aligns Young Heroes educational events and enters into dialogue with all interested parties who come often to the club and to precisely these reconnaissance requests.