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Vacation planning: thinking in time to a vaccination

Why we need vacation planning? Holiday season is the best time, especially when the target is far away. But that of your dream trip is not a nightmare, you should check before starting your trip on recommended vaccinations and immunization requirements for the holiday destination, and not forget the everyday risks of infection.

Vacation planningMore and more people are attracted by the holiday period in distant lands, because the choice is often cheap and fast to book. But few make it think about the necessary vaccinations. However, not only in distant holiday destinations lurk dangerous pathogens such as cholera, yellow fever or malaria. Even during a holiday trip to the Mediterranean, the risk increases with pathogens to come into contact, against which there is no protection. Therefore, you should check early on existing vaccination recommendations and applicable immunization requirements, especially for some countries one entry only with certain vaccinations is possible to also often waiting times between vaccination and the arrival date is required.

Not underestimate the dangers.

A survey of the technicians health insurance can result in only a handful of travelers against all pathogens that are an issue at the resort, vaccinated. The risks of infection are often underestimated. Not only backpackers in remote areas, but also package tourists can become infected by drinking water and raw foods quickly with unfamiliar and sometimes life-threatening pathogens. Should therefore be made straight necessarily a vaccination advice to countries outside Europe before a trip. Besides Institute of Tropical Medicine and Travel doctors can often already the doctor or the health insurance information on necessary vaccinations. Regardless of country-specific vaccination provides a Impfcheck the opportunity to review the immunization against everyday pathogens and to optionally refresh. So no matter what age should always be a sufficient protection against tetanus and diphtheria available. Against other pathogens such as mumps, measles, rubella, influenza, polio or whooping cough sees the constant Vaccination (STIKO) according to age, immunization against whose costs are covered by health insurance. For so-called travel vaccinations, however, the assumption of costs must be agreed in individual cases. However, here too many cash costs are now being accepted.

Meaningful vaccinations for travel.

Basically, the recommended vaccinations according to the respective travel destination set. So especially following vaccinations are recommended for travel to Europe next tetanus and diphtheria:

  • TBE (Europe and Asia)
  • Hepatitis A (especially when traveling in Mediterranean countries, but also worldwide)
  • Hepatitis B (worldwide)

For travel to countries outside Europe additional vaccinations according to the country-specific immunization recommendations or vaccination against yellow fever, cholera, typhoid fever, meningococcal meningitis, polio or prophylactic measures against malaria may be required. These offer even at the last minute administered still more protection than to travel without prevention.