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Painkillers – sometimes less help more

Painkillers are the most common in the self-medication drugs in USA. However, very few are aware of how dangerous sometimes, take the non-prescription drugs be if the dosage information in this leaflet. Are not sufficiently taken into account, they are too often used or taken over a long period of time.

Painkillers Painkillers has both good and bad influence. Under the recommended dosage is also no problem. The problem arises when one engages more than ten times a month or more than three consecutive days on pain medication or the dose is always higher. Especially non-prescription painkillers are often greatly underestimated. Hardly anyone gets in the good old acetaminophen the trouble to study the leaflet precisely. Just paracetamol but can already cause liver damage in a small overdose – self-medication may end in the worst case in a deadly without transplant liver failure. The active ingredient of aspirin – acetylsalicylic acid, acts as a blood thinner and can trigger high doses gastric bleeding.

If painkillers are addictive.

In US, far more people are dependent of drugs than of hard drugs. The transition between use and abuse is, as so often, fluently. Especially with headaches agent used can trigger pain in turn, when they are used over a longer period. These drug-induced pain are initially indistinguishable from the original pain and result in a vicious circle of more drugs and more pain. The only way out of this spiral is a complete withdrawal of funds, not least in order to protect himself from irreversible organ damage. Not only with opiates, it is advisable to have medically monitor this step. In specialized clinics to learn specifically other ways of dealing with the pain. Many people who are dependent on painkillers, also have very high standards for themselves. Psychotherapy can help to better accept your personality and sometimes to take a break.Then also there is nothing against the occasional, short-term and proper administration of a non-prescription analgesic for mild to moderate pain.