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Painkillers: What are suitable for children?

The belly pricks, the pain in ears and the headache: children suffer from pain. It is not always easy to determine the extent of the pain and make the right decision between patience and treatment of pain, because not every pain medication is suitable for children.

PainkillersIn principle, painkillers in children should only be taken in an emergency and in consultation with the attending physician, because, pain killers, like all medications also have side effects and can cause pain even during long-term use. Sometimes it’s better try to treat the pain with simple home remedies. Thus, for example, with abdominal pain often can help warmed graining pillow or moist warm compresses. Even with a slight headache rest in a darkened room and peppermint oil on the forehead, the latter being inappropriate for young children and infants. Ear pain can be treated with warm onion bag, and relieve swelling, additionally you can try nasal sprays.

Not only the active ingredient but also the dosage is critical.

But, when using home remedies no improvement is achieved or the pain is too strong, there are a number of painkillers available for children.

From acetylsalicylic acid aspirin should be dispensed with, since this active ingredient is not always tolerated by children. It can result in so-called Reye’s syndrome, a severe disease of the brain and liver, which is not directly treatable conditions. The other hand, are better suited Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. Acetaminophen relieves pain and reduces it as aspirin at the same time. Similar acts ibuprofen, but additionally has an anti-inflammatory effect.

However, since each painkillers also has side effects, is always a need to balance the benefits and risks before taking. In addition, the correct dosage plays a crucial role, assigned according usually by age and weight of the child. Thus painkiller for children in tablet form, available as juice or as a suppository, so that an individual dosing.