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What if long road trips accompanied by motion sickness?

Everyone looks forward to the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays. Some of us like can travel, to enjoy the car, plane or boat, not from the beginning. Guilt of the motion sickness, but for each are different measures and tools.

 Motion sicknessCause of motion sickness in cars are mostly curvy roads that irritate the human vestibular system in the inner ear. In the case of road trip: because they do not follow the movements of the car with the eyes, the brain leads to an error message and the consequences range from a sinking feeling in my stomach about frequent yawning, dizziness, and increased salivation and nausea and vomiting. But not only winding roads, but also air turbulence on the plane or the waves at sea can cause motion sickness.

What helps in case of travel sickness?

Usually you can get sight from the inner ear movements. The best you can look forward from the car or a fixed point on the horizon. On the other hand should be avoided reading, because already study of a road map begins to awaken the initial symptoms of motion sickness. Also, you should never start with an empty stomach any trip. Particularly suitable here is light fare, so please refrain from greasy, heavy foods, alcohol, coffee and nicotine. Fresh air and much movement have also provoke to motion sickness.

But there are also various prescription medications that can be taken as preventive measure. They usually contain the active ingredient dimenhydrinate and are ideal for car and air travel because they generally act a few hours and already available in the appropriate dose for infants are. In addition, the drug also has a slight sedative effect. If you prefer resort to herbal remedies can try ginger, parsley or mint. With very strong and long lasting complaints against it help Scopolamine, but it is only by prescription.