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Pollen in spring

While healthy people enjoy the spring begins allergen in March the stressful time of the pollen. Some of the following tips can help combat the symptoms and to enjoy the spring.

Pollen allergyMarch is the peak season for pollen. Many plants are flowering now and start accordance with the pollen to fly. Naturally, the bloom begins in high mountain regions later than in low-lying areas. Strong wind is therefore an additional burden and also ensures symptoms when the responsible plants are really far away. Depending on the extent of allergy, it may still be useful not to disclose activities calculated to where the trees are causing. In very severe cases, the person concerned also been taken into account when looking for housing the fauna of their potential new living environment. There is no guarantee, however, there is never. Finally, new plantings can not be avoided with reference to any allergies. For existing allergies to pollen, therefore, an apartment in the city be more appropriate. Even if this means the toxic load is higher.

Which trees provide in March for trouble?

Hazel, poplar, ash, birch and alder are located in the main bloom in March, when temperatures rise slowly. Elm, willow, hornbeam hornbeam, sycamore, ash and beech are in the pre-blossom. Your pollen is imminent. Anyone who has to fight in March with so-called hay fever, should draw an allergist for assistance. It will identify the triggers. With a so-called pollen calendar, or the pollen warnings on the news, the persons concerned are prepared for. A constant intake of drugs is not necessary in all patients. The drugs suppress the excessive immune response of the body and thus relieve the symptoms.

Supportive treatment with pollen allergy.

It is helpful for example, the nasal douche. Even black cumin seed oil can relieve the symptoms. Homeopathy also offers many approaches. But supervision by a medical practitioner or a naturopathic doctor is working for the basic requirement. Of course, the diet should be as unencumbered. An allergy is a sign of a misguided immune system. Further charges are to be avoided. Among the most important measures is to prevent the penetration of pollen into the house. Windows can be provided with an appropriate application that does not obstruct the ventilation. Allergy sufferers should also take a shower every night during the pollen season and especially wash your hair, because pollen stick to them and this can interfere with sleep sensitive. For many sufferers are naturopathic treatment methods that have a supportive allergies, and more important. As long as the symptoms do not seriously endanger the health or life, is not opposed to a purely alternative therapy.