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Poor circulation: assessment or warning?

Circulatory problems can have various causes. Often they are the result of low blood pressure, infection or a new drug. However, they can also occur as a secondary symptom of various diseases and should be monitored accordingly.

Poor circulationIf not enough blood through the veins reaches the heart, as it can be about after long standing or sudden getting up the, system helps the body by a short-term hypoperfusion of the brain. Dizziness, sweating, tinnitus can be the result. This blood pressure is normally compensated quickly and you feel after a short pause or sitting down again better. In individuals with a permanently low blood pressure of these symptoms occur faster and more often. Often this young, slim women are mostly affected by. Often they freeze easily, have a high need for sleep and are quickly exhausted. Especially among young people, however, a chronically low blood pressure is usually not a cause for concern. Often even simple means to the cycle help set in motion.

Old home remedies such as the contrast showers or brush massages are mentioned here and it works. Depending on the person may even help a coffee or sports. Should a longer period of time must be, so you can increase with the simple trick by biting pressing together the legs to improve blood pressure.

Poor circulation as a symptom.

The situation is different if the drop in blood pressure followed by a fainting or collapsing the cycle for no apparent reason. In this case you should made as soon as possible a medical examination. As well as various heart diseases and disorders of the internal organs may adversely affect the blood circulation. A sudden drop in blood pressure is this as serious warnings specific disorder. A constant low blood pressure with age is not so safe as in individuals younger or middle-aged.Especially old people should make sure to drink enough to avoid the risk of dangerous falls.