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What helps from snoring

Snoring is a common problem that tends to affect men more than women. With increasing volume not only the relationship is heating up, but also the health. If simple behavioral changes do not work, you should have a medical examination.

SnoringCause of nocturnal noise is usually a excessive relaxation of the palate muscles, then the soft palate in the breathing air vibrates. In some cases, a difficult nasal breathing cause snoring. A distinction is made between the primary and the dangerous harmful obstructive snoring. Extra loud and irregular nocturnal breath noise and permanent daytime fatigue indicate a serious sleep disorder. Untreated obstructive snoring can lead to the so-called Sleep Apnea, in which the airways remain closed for part of minutes, so the victims taken by the lack of oxygen. Cardiovascular disease and an increased risk of heart attack and stroke may be the result.

Prevent snoring.

Often a changes of personal lifestyle work wonders. Before you resort to other means should therefore:

  • At the beginning of each snoring treatment a regular daily rhythm should stand
  • In addition, obesity should be reduced
  • The late-night drinking and sleeping pills should be avoided

Sometimes a house dust allergy hides behind the breathing problems. Bring these simple tips to relieve. Today the retailer offers different solutions. In order to keep the mouth closed, you can try a snoring bandage while facilitating nasal breathing in pharmacies available nasal strips and nose clips. The respiratory system through the nose thus remains open during sleep, which prevents a mouth breathing and help you reduce snoring. Who snores exclusively in the supine position, can possibly help with special pillows, which help fix your position during the sleep.

If there are no anatomical changes, such as polyps or large tonsils problem can be the, in many cases have customized whitening trays, pull the lower jaw forward. The costs will amount to approximately 700 to 900 dollars. Operations in the mouth area, however, have become controversial and only in some cases useful. Strong snorers should seek medical advice and, where appropriate, investigate in a sleep laboratory, to be able to treat or prevent the dangerous sleep time.