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Prevent sunburn effective

Summer is here – and with it all the outdoor activities that we had to do without during the cold months. But as beautiful as the sun is: Your appeal must not be underestimated, otherwise there is a dangerous sunburn.

Prevent sunburn effectiveStays in the sun are soothing to the soul and body, because using only natural light, the organism can form the essential vitamin D.  However, too much of a good thing is anything but healthy, Who dwells unprotected in the sun too long, you risk a sunburn. UVA and UVB rays it, redness, swelling, blisters, pain, and at worst cause even associated with fever and chills are. In this way, the body’s immune system, which tries to repair the damage to the skin cells responding. Although the acute inflammation is usually subsided after two to three days, but can do far more serious consequences occur more frequently sunburns even after years or decades: The skin ages faster and more prone to age spots; In addition, the risk of suffering from one of the various forms of skin cancer, is significantly increased.

Well protected in the sun.

Depending on the skin and hair color corresponds to one of the four types of light; fair-skinned people are more sensitive than those with very dark complexion. According to the type of its own elected sunscreen should therefore fail more or less strong. There are two mechanisms: chemical sunscreen works on the principle of absorption, ie contains a special filter that blocks the sun’s rays and converts it into heat.It must be applied for a certain time before sunbathing, since the effect does not occur immediately. The physical version contains particles of metal oxides, which reflect the light, and is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin. According to the European classification all available creams, lotions and gels are classified according to their SPF: SPF 20, for example, indicates that you can spend twenty more time in the sun with the product than without. Of particular importance is a diligent sun protection for children, as they have a very sensitive skin.

If it’s too late – treat sunburn.

Once it will come to sunburn, only the unpleasant symptoms can be alleviated. The most important measure applies cooling: In mild cases meet lotions, provide for greater damage (fire) or anti-inflammatory gelanti-inflammatory hydrocortisone or orally ingested aspirin relief. Home remedies such as quark have the effect of cooling also no therapeutic benefit.

If the sunburn large area and form bubbles, there is fever or chills, a visit to the doctor recommends – here it comes, to prevent circulatory collapse. In each sunburn should avoid the sun for several days. Then apply: apply cream, cover your head and go more often times in the shadows – for a healthy skin summer.