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Preventive measures with tea

Tea is not only a popular drink, and health can benefit from the special characteristics of the different types of tea, as numerous scientific studies show. In addition to positive effects in terms of the development of cancer or cardiovascular disease should also be tea-regulating effect on blood sugar levels.

TeaBasically, must in diabetes, commonly referred to as diabetes, to distinguish between diabetes type I and type II diabetes. While type I diabetics it is a lack of insulin, the antagonist of glucose, or sugar, suffer, will indeed produce enough insulin in type II diabetics, but on the other hand, the cells are resistant, making it to transport his task glucose into the cells, cannot fulfill. The reason for this insulin resistance, almost 90% of all diabetics suffer, is primarily the current lifestyle with unhealthy, sugar-rich diet and lack of exercise.Frightening thing is that more and more young people are already sick and even children with diabetes type II, as was previously thought, this form of diabetes is a disease of old age that if ever occurs only at an advanced age.Diabetes is a serious disease, as shown mainly the consequences that causes a permanent increase in blood sugar levels to nerves and in blood vessels. This includes high blood pressure, heart attack, blindness, kidney failure and diabetic foot to the typical complications of diabetes.

Active reduction in blood sugar levels.

Above all, the causes for the occurrence of diabetes type II can be reduced with appropriate measures. The first of those a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and plenty of exercise. In addition, the metabolism and the blood sugar levels in healthy individuals can be regulated naturally, and by certain foods such as blueberries, artichokes, cinnamon and various herbal teas. For example, should an amino acid occurring in fenugreek it help to lower blood sugar levels. Next applies both in traditional Chinese medicine as well as in Ayurvedic medicine. Tea made from bitter melon used as anti-diabetic agents. Scientific studies have demonstrated here that Bitter melon tea not only regulates blood sugar levels, but also supported the regeneration of insulin-producing cells. And ginger, Hintonia tea from Mexico, Bilberry leaf tea or Dandelion tea is attributed to an antidiabetic effect.

Green and black tea.

But not only herbal teas can have a positive effect on blood sugar levels, also white, green or black tea. mechanisms which, exactly responsible for positive effect of the tea, which can have an effect on the insulin sensitivity of the cells and the glucose uptake ability of the cells, is not yet clarified. But important regular consumption of up to three cups of tea for prevention.