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Christmas baking: Healthy ingredients for cookies and Co.

Gingerbread, Cinnamon, Vanilla: Just the names bring back memories of the Christmases of childhood – full of excitement, serenity and enjoyment. Today we are aware of the fact that this kind of goodies usually high in fat, sugar and calories contained and health thus not exactly conducive. But there is another way.

–°hristmas bakingChristmas baking advent and Cookies are inseparable: Christmas smells flow through the house and wake up the anticipation for the celebration. Even at Christmas markets can be found next to mulled wine and Co. all sorts of sweet delights. After snacking but plagues us promptly guilty conscience, finally, an excess of small calorie bombs quickly translates on the display of the scale. Butter, sugar and “empty” carbohydrates in the form of white flour are the main ingredients in biscuits and fruit cake – and not conducive for Health: Saturated fatty acids affect the cholesterol negative and thus promote cardiovascular diseases; excessive consumption of sugar damages the teeth and can lead to obesity. white flour does not last long tired , which means that we consume more calories than you need us.

Fat, flour, leavening agent – healthy alternatives.

Butter can be satisfactorily vegetable margarine – possible without hydrogenated fats, i.e: Trans-fatty acids – Replace: It provides high-quality unsaturated fatty acids. Also recipes with cold-pressed oil on offer. Healthier than the traditional wheat flour type 405 is wholemeal flour because it contains significantly more dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. Who feels the taste as too strong, it can even replace some of the flour with the full version. However, wholemeal flour absorbs more moisture than white. So that the pastry is not dry, so more fluid must be added – unless it is already a full-fledged recipe. Cream of tartar as a leavening is preferable to the conventional alternative, since it contains no phosphate. Also sal volatile or potash loosen the dough and give the pastry a typical Christmassy flavor.

Sweet, spices and nuts.

There is no question that even healthy snacks must be sweet. In contrast to classical variant no sugar industry is here but for use; Instead, make honey (rich in enzymes, minerals and vitamins and also bacteria resistant), agave or apple juice or full raw cane sugar for aromatic sweetness. Dried fruits are rich in potassium and other minerals, and phytochemicals and vitamins and therefore represent also a healthy alternative to factory sugar is. Nuts evaluate the Christmas cookies on not only tasty, but provide additional nutrients and protect because of their high quality fats that heart. Christmas spices such as cinnamon, anise and vanilla contain essential oils that have a positive effect on the organism, and round the goodies from aromatic. So this year we finally snacking without feeling guilty: Thanks healthy ingredients in Christmas cookies and Co.