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Properly heating during the cold season

When it is cold outside, warm rooms are really cozy. Who experience excessive? Gas heating, however, provide not only for comfort, but also for dry air. A reason to pay attention to the room temperature.

Properly heat

Earlier it was different – in terms of heating up, let the justifiably claim. At that time there was absolutely no it goes without saying within shortest time to have a warm home. The costly heating of a tiled stove with coal only know the least. Onceplay with fier the fire, it took a while before the space expect on feeling temperature. Today however, most apartments are equipped with modern radiator that are often provided by central heating systems. The setting on the thermostat allows comfortable heating of the premises, because the desired temperature let be determined so perfect. However, all too often forgotten that. This may account in addition to the drying of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract such as the nose, mouth and throat also for the increased spinning of viruses and bacteria.

When dry, heated air disturbs the well-being.

Although heat is considered individually different, but usually perceived as pleasant in closed clear, skin and mucous membranes to get the associated dry heated air much less. Because of the reduced humidity, the skin may react with distension and sensitive cilia the bronchi, which have to cope a natural protection against invading viruses and bacteria, can their cleaning function under circumstances not exert sufficient. Thus meet viruses and bacteria that are stirred up much more quickly in the dry air and heating floating around, little opposition. They can be easily inhaled and cause the flu infection and colds. Important reason to pay attention to a proper and yet comfortable room temperature and not to forget the regular? Owned airing.

By healthy indoor climate avoid dry heated air.

Here, of course, care must be taken to premises which it is. For the living room or bathroom, it may be a bit warmer than in the bedroom. Has adapted to a healthy indoor climate, are 19 to 21 degrees in the living room, kids room and kitchen adequate. If not, help a cardigan or thicker socks. In any case, is for the respiratory tract even a temperature of about 18 degrees is considered to be optimal. Regularity take strength and proper airing is an important measure prevent dry heating air and a too high room temperature. Shock ventilate 5-10 minutes while preferable to provide the “on tilt” window. Furthermore, it is possible to do with humidifiers help. However, you should pay attention to here constantly fresh water, in order to counteract a possible nucleation.