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Safe Drug-term care provision in the home

The supply of care by the family is increasingly common. The necessary expertise, even around the supply of medicines had to be the caring family members earlier anlesen itself. Today, there are professional support through pharmacies.

Care provision at homeAbout 70% of care were cared for by their own family in 2011. These are 1.76 million people, of which only 576,000 were provided by external caregivers. The figures show the Federal Statistical Office, that informing family members will become increasingly important. For the diagnosis and the issuance of the recipes of attending physician is responsible. He will conduct the necessary investigations as part of a home visit in most cases. The administration of medication is the responsibility of carers. Since it is rarely healthcare professionals with them, the family doctor is also responsible for education. For dependent patients, medication systems that can help to prevent errors are. The classical error sources include:

  • Likelihood of drugs
  • Forget
  • Double intake
  • Incorrect intake (time, dose)

But also the time management plays a crucial role. In the optimal case, the pharmacy medications already on the formulation which simplifies the families everyday with patients and also eliminates sources of error compiles. For the drugs are packaged as required, so that the removal is easier and complications of false receipts with the greatest probability can be prevented.

Proper care pharmacies.

Caring families need all the relief they can get. This includes the proper preparation of the medication. This support also make online pharmacies. Following the instructions of the attending physician, pharmacist provide the necessary medications in the desired time intervals together. For the much-needed clarity, the means for each day are hygienically packed in bags. On these bags the names of the medications are noted and arranged for taking the time. The procedure has proven itself for experienced staff and is also used in homes.

Advanced compilation is great help.

Packing a day facilitates families dealing with the drugs. As is noted on each bag the patient’s name does not exist in families with multiple patient care and the likelihood of confusion. During excursions with the relatives, the bags can be easily taken away. The system also alerts us to the correct time of ordering. Until then, the day prescribed drugs are simply taken from a box that prevents any confusion. This is especially important in cases where certain products are not taken daily. Delivery will be made to the house shortly after sending the recipe.