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Smokers are used to wrinkles?

The new year has begun and many have undertaken to give up smoking. Smoking is injurious to health, most people know not only since it gives corresponding imprints on tobacco products. Less well known is the Smoking causes premature aging of the skin and provides typical smoker’s lines.

WrinklesIn principle, the skin is a subject of the normal aging process. It lost over the years, their regeneration ability is dry and loses elasticity. By a number of factors, this process can be accelerated. So the first appearance of wrinkles is not only a question of age and genes, but also by various environmental factors and lifestyle. In addition to sunlight especially the consumption of tobacco acts negatively on the appearance of the skin, which has a particularly strong showing on his face. First wrinkles usually occur very early in the region of the upper lip. The designated by physicians as perioral wrinkles upper lip and mouth wrinkles are significantly more common in female than in male smokers.

Women are more prone to smoking face wrinkles than men.

Cause of the gender wrinkle formation is the different texture of the skin. The skin has in women around the mouth much less talk glands, that keep the skin elastic. In addition, the female skin features in this area is less blood vessels, so that provides bad blood circulation and provides important nutrients.Since smoking or nicotine also affects the vessels and narrows them, it can cause permanent under-supply of the skin which causes aging of the cells faster and favored the formation of wrinkles especially in women in the mouth area. In addition, the cigarette smoke to act in the deeper skin layers and inhibits collagen synthesis here: the skin loses its elasticity, can store less moisture and relaxes faster.But smoking affects not only the facial skin. The vasoconstrictor effect hinders oxygen and nutrients throughout the skin. To exceed in smokers after several years of enjoyment from 20 cigarettes a day, the skin age the actual age of about 10 years. Time to quit smoking!