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Scents of spring flowers that stimulate the mind and body

Spring air is perceived as particularly pleasant. It is enriched with scents that evoke pleasant memories, but also associate with approaching of summer tune. This fragrance everyone likes in his environment, whether in the open air or in your own home.

Scents of spring Spring smells of freshly cut grass, earth and especially fragrance of blooming flowers. A slight breeze makes sure that even smells of distant flowers are perceived and mingle with the scents from the environment. Although the ability of humans to distinguish smells, not nearly as strong as in some animals: many scents can be filtered out. In large numbers, they have a stimulating effect and for sure this is improves the mood everyday and everything goes easily.

Fragrance in the house.

The natural scent comes from the plants themselves. Whoever brings a flower into the house, can soon look forward to invigorating scents. In April the blooming white narcissus, spring-carnation with white or red flowers and the cowslip. The garden centers equip their flowers inventories in time, so that the buds are not open yet. Flower lovers who decide in time, so come to enjoy the special spring scents in the house. But it is important to remove faded flowers immediately, so that the spring flower not use excessive force loses. Of course, the scents can also spread with essential oils in the premises. In this case you need just a few drops in a bowl of water. The scent of narcissus is particularly well suited. It is normal that the nose gets used to the smell. Not useful it is then immediately pursue new drops, because that would provoke the sense of smell and can even trigger headaches. Whoever leaves the premises for a few hours, registered in returning immediately to scent of fresh air.

Flowers that delight the eye.

The sight of blooming flowers made mood brightens. If these flowers exotic then also spread a pleasant or scent, the effect is particularly intense. In this category fall naturally the hyacinths. As small works of art from nature, although they need careful care, but they are an enrichment for special spring atmosphere. More than one plant per room should not be, however, because of the sweet smell is quite intense. Prospective buyers should take into account also that there are different hyacinths. As a flower with the strongest scent apply White, Blue and Pink Pearl. On the list of flowers with the most memorable spring scent necessarily includes the Jasmine. The effect of the fragrance is considered to be so beguiling that it is mixed with many perfumes. Thus, the jasmine is also can become a nice gift in honor of spring.