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Difficulties of allergy in April

In April threatens not only cold, but also the increased pollen, which is heavy loads for allergy sufferers. With the right advice, however, you can reduce the risks and enjoy April to the fullest measure.

Allergy in AprilTypical changes from rainy to sunny weather, from sub-zero temperatures on spring-like temperatures, makes the fourth month of the year almost certainly cold. Moreover, temperatures rise and blowing of light wind provides spread of allergens of the pollen. Who was prepared properly, can also significantly reduce the risk of a cold. The main pillars are the healthy diet and adequate exercise.

Well prepared for April.

Exercise is important, if possible in the fresh air. So the cycle is set with a motion and the lungs ventilation. Experts advise to walk at least 30 minutes pre day. Of course it is with the good air in cities is difficult. In this case, the sporting action should better be laid in the interiors. The transition in the gym also useful as a visit to the swimming pool. Thus, during the week a create plan of physical activity is meaningful. That does not take much time, but the immune system still sufficiently trained. Next step is diet optimization, because in spring your metabolism is rising. Who now eating a lot of vegetables and fruit , also act wise. Preferred products with low in fat and sparing, which help make a deal with stimulants, helping his health. It is also important to pay attention to adequate sleep because lack of sleep encumbers the immune system and can promote colds.

Counter allergy time.

In April pollen allergy especially plagued. While the burden of alder and hazel subside now begins the time of the pollen for many other trees. Especially the pollen from birch, poplar and willow can provide strong symptoms and spoil the joy of Spring. The most important time is to learn the pollen calendar and to ascertain when which pollen is active. The temperature plays a key role. Of course, the combination of wind and heat for people with allergies is worse than no wind and low temperatures. A look at the weather forecast is very useful for people with allergies. Many agents from conventional medicine and naturopathy can be applied even before the first reactions and significantly reduce the symptoms of allergy. But true that even for people with allergies exercise and healthy eating stabilize overall health and help to overcome difficulties faster.