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Skin and lips protection in frosty weather

Now outside are cold wind, snow and rain but inside is warm air heating. This makes skin dry. Thus, the strain grow too large and the skin and lips needs a very special care now.

Skin and lips Especially in winter, our skin suffers when cold and dry air attack on non protective covering of our body, and they can lose their protective barrier function through grease and moisture loss. The result is dry skin, which makes itself felt as an unpleasant feeling of tension, it peels or prone to itching and irritation. Products with a higher fat content can help remove the imbalance of fat and moisture mantle. Creams containing vegetable oils nourish the skin while natural way. Who is prone to sensitive skin should also rely on products without fragrance and preservatives and try this before constantly using. But not only cold and dry heat strain the skin, including frequent showers and full baths which leach out the skin, because the contact with soap and water removes her too fat and moisture. In order not to unnecessarily burden the already dry winter skin, should be only one weekly program full baths. Dry skin can also be lightly lubricated with special bath oils already during bathing. And also for daily shower corresponding oils are available that return the skin during washing fat.

Do not forget lips and sunscreen in winter.

Lips are particularly sensitive to the cold. They feel dry and we moisten them unconscious with his tongue and leave them without more fat. Without additional lubrication they will quickly become dry and cracked. Here special balms can protect, for example with beeswax lip balm or tender skin. For small cracks and inflammation, you can additionally try products with panthenol, calendula or witch hazel healing. Often in winter the sun’s power is underestimated. Therefore in winter sports on the mountains, sun protection, especially fire-prone areas such as the nose, chin, forehead and ears, is necessary.