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Sommerfit: Which diet gives us momentum?

Summer, sun, summer season to enjoy this time properly, you need to be fit and healthy. In addition to plenty of sleep and physical exercise that includes the right summer diet, because especially in eating and drinking lurking in the summer some dangers that can take your swing.

SommerfitAt last summer, but the initial joy lasts usually only briefly, because many people makes the heat to create fast. During the day they feel tired and exhausted, at night you can find the other hand, no sleep. But the heat is not only uncomfortable, it can also bring health risks. Because too much heat can dry out the body and can cause headaches, sweating, sunstroke or circulatory disorders. The best medicine is here is adapted to the summer diet consisting of mainly drinking plays a crucial role.

Right drinking in the summer.

Since the human body is about 50 percent water and even the loss of a few percent can cause physical and mental performance, regular drinks every season is important. But just in summer the body more fluid and thus vital mineral salts consumes significantly by sweating. To compensate for these losses, the body needs at least 2 to 3 liters of fluid a day, and not just when setting thirst. Because thirst is a clear warning signal of the body of an acute dehydration. Alcohol and coffee are not suitable as a thirst quencher, as they stimulate the circulation and thus increase perspiration. Also on ice cold drinks should be better avoided in the summer, because the body tries here to compensate for the difference in temperature between the body and soft drink, which sweating exacerbated. More suitable only slightly chilled mineral water or lukewarm, unsweetened herbal or fruit teas, which can be not only the fluid losses, but also the mineral compensate for losses. Supportive, water-rich foods such as cucumbers, pears or watermelons fill fluid and mineral requirements.

And the food?

Just like when drinking it comes to eating at the right foods. For the body just gets in the summer all the essential nutrients without additional burden, should be taken on a light diet. Recommended here is the Mediterranean diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. On ice and heavy dishes, however, should be avoided because they unnecessarily slow down circulation and also make frequent noticeable on the scale. Nevertheless, it must not be omitted so popular in the summer grilling when poultry, fish and vegetables are rich in calories instead of sausage and meat on the grill. And also typical dishes such as potato or pasta salad can be replaced by lightweight yet delicious fresh salads.