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Water consumption and our daily needs

The human body consists of more than half of water. The exact number varies according to gender, age, body weight and muscle mass or fat. The adult mens proportion is, for example 60%. Only this fact shows how important water is for the human body. But how much water you should drink daily and what are the consequences of a loss-making fluid intake for the body?Water

The water supply of a 25 – 51 year old adult in averages about 2600 ml per day. 1410 ml, the body takes on by drinks and 860 ml takes on by food. The less you eat, the more you should therefore drink. A cucumber or tomato, for example, consist of more than 90 percent from water. Additional water, about 330 ml, placed the body in the form of metabolic water it’s available and it’s produced during metabolism in the burning of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The balance of water absorption and water excretion is compensated under physiological conditions and excreted by the kidneys.

Problems with insufficient hydration of the body.

When physical activity make us feel warm. During intense physical stress on the body it’s forced to give up the heat produced via sweat to the outside, unlike the food intake a lack of fluid intake leads quickly to a power constraint of the human organism. This process already noticeable even at a fluid loss of 0.5 to 1 percent.

Responsible for the heat balance, the so-called thermoregulation which for heat production, delivery and sweat production in case of low fluid intake limits. The result is an increasing in body temperature, a strain on the heart and circulatory run system, including by a thickening of the blood and inferior flow rate. Overall, the muscles are no longer supplied with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. In addition to a physical performance degradation, decreases the ability to concentrate and headache is the symptom. The human organism always separates from water, even if we do not notice it – through breathing, sweat, urine and bowel movements. If the body is not fed enough fluid, then the urine turns dark yellow and assumes an unpleasant odor, it’s signs of dehydration.

Avoid performance limitations.

Drinking before the lips are dry! If the feeling of thirst occurs once, the performance will be already restricted. The consequences can be devastating. In addition to the feeling of thirst even dry lips and a dark yellow urine are an indication of an insufficient fluid intake. The body can only process small amounts of liquid, the rest is excreted. During exercise in a hot environment, the water requirement can be even up to four times higher than usual and up to 10 liters per day.

The liquid fuel demand for heat, dry and cold ambient air, physical exertion, sports, high protein or salt consumption, and fever, vomiting or diarrhea are symptoms. In sports, the performance degradation is particularly strongly felt in deficient fluid intake. Therefore, necessarily should be already drunk before exercise (0.25 to 0.5 liters) and during physical stress from the very beginning to drink a small amount at regular, short intervals, for example, every 10 to 15 minutes from 200 to 250 ml or at even shorter intervals a few sips.

Does water help you lose weight?

Water, known, to have zero calories and is the best thirst quencher. Thanks to these characteristics water helps to reduce the body fat optimally. From one to two glasses of water, half an hour before a meal helps to reduce the food intake permanently and achieve a faster satiety. It may also be helpful in food cravings, first to drink a large glass of water. Sometimes a ravenous hunger is a misunderstood sense of thirst.

In 0.33 liters Cola hidden 12 sugar cubes and 140 kcal. The contained in Coke Sodium also promotes the feeling of thirst. Who regularly comes in contact with sugary soft drinks in childhood, will have a harder time to dispense without Cola, energy drinks and ice tea. Try to and replace for a week your favorite drink at the dinner table with a glass of water. In addition to the visual changes, you will also feel better and more energetic, because with the help of water your body can excrete everyday all the environmental toxins, metabolic toxins, indoor toxins and many other pollutants from our environment. And who can endure a week without cola and Co, miss out on long-term sweet drinks.

Tips for everyday life and rules of thumb.

Who pursue daytime an office job, can take as a guide after breakfast a 1.5 liter bottle of water with the work and drink it until closing time. Who by the way drinks much coffee on the work must not be afraid of the myth have to get a lot of water withdrawn by the caffeine. Coffee only accelerated the need to urinate. In a physically strenuous activity (eg artisans, construction workers, etc.), it is necessary to drink enough in addition. To isotonic drinks, for example, a water-apple juice mixture in a ratio of about 1: 4 to 1: 6, everyone should grab that exerts a medium to high intensity of at least one hour at leisure. Because with sweat is not only water excreted, but also electrolytes (minerals) and trace elements. However, higher (fruit sugar content is useful in treatment of hypoglycemia, for a sporting activity not bowel tolerance solution. A rule of thumb, which serves as a guide for daily hydration: 30ml x body weight in Kg plus fluid intake by ingestion.

Often the awareness is there much to drink, but in everyday life you forget. Here are tips on how you can get a drink in routine water:

  • When brushing your teeth morning and evening drink a large glass. Since it already the source.
  • During work cook tea and put it on the table. Especially green tea still favors because of this fat burning ability.
  • Set goals: for example, drink every day a 1,5 Liter Bottle Water.
  • Drinking a small glass of water every time before you are about do something (which may otherwise prevent food cravings).