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Spring fever – what works best?

No sooner are the days get longer and the first flowers poke their heads out of the ground, many people start to feel an unexplained fatigue. Without real reason they feel dejected and listless. Everything just my imagination, or does our body really struggling with the spring?

Spring feverAs doctors and climatologists have found that there are actually, the spring fatigue. The cause is to a conversion of metabolism on the longer and warmer days. On the other device in hormone levels out of balance. Thus, after a long and dark winter storage of serotonin, the hormone, which makes for good humor, was quite stressed and are under the influence of sunlight refilled. Simultaneously, the running production of melatonin , still sleep enough , even be lowered at full speed and will have fatigue. This confusion in the metabolism and hormones around zipper our body and manifests itself in the so-called spring fever. If you too suffer, you may be able to help the following tips to get your circulation going, and facilitate the changeover to the Spring.

5 effective tips against spring fever.

  1. Soak up as much sun and light because it stimulates the production of mood-enhancing serotonin and simultaneously reduces the production of melatonin.
  2. Movement and walks in the fresh air will affect not only a positive effect on your hormones, but also to boost your metabolism.
  3. Drink a lot support the transition to the warm season. Especially when the circuit is in the basement, water, herbal or fruit teas and juices help compensate for a possible fluid deficit.
  4. Healthy diet with many nutrients has a positive effect on metabolism and hormone balance, especially as for many body functions vitamins and minerals are essential.
  5. With contrast showers and saunas You can prepare your body to the sometimes extreme variations in temperature in the spring and so circulatory problems, increased influenza infections prevent and defeat the fatigue.