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Stop the fags – Tips to quit smoking

Although every smoker sees by the white notes on cigarette packs about the health risks of smoking, it is still difficult to break free from the grip for a cigarette.In addition to the fear of physical withdrawal symptoms, above all, the mind plays a crucial role. So how quit smoking?

Quit smokingIt is clear, certainly makes the nicotine addict. But it is not only the physical addiction that makes it so hard, smokers to kick the cigarette, but the habit and the pleasant feeling that they associate with smoking. But smoking is not only ritual but also causes the brain to release certain hormones of happiness. In addition, many smokers believe cigarettes would stimulate their digestion, satisfy hunger and provide stress relaxation. With so many positive attributes the negative aspects such as cough, shortness of breath when climbing stairs to the unpleasant smell of stale smoke and serious diseases such as cancer, circulatory disorders and cardiovascular diseases are often overlooked.

The fight against addiction must begin in the mind.

To be successful for Non smoking, these negative sides must therefore arrive at the head and displace the happiness generated by smoking. In order to strengthen their own motivation for a pro and con list can be helpful to include, in addition to the emotional side. Preponderance of the reasons against smoking, an appointment as soon as possible should be set so as not to endanger their own decision. It may be helpful to teach non-smoking friends and family members of the appointment, in order to secure their support.

Combat against physical and psychological dependence.

If the last cigarette is smoked, met in many smoking, it is the fear of withdrawal symptoms. However, these are usually much weaker than expected. And the initial weight gain is very limited when the handle for a cigarette will not replace the handle to sweets. In addition, various tools are available for successful smoking cessation. To allow withdrawal nicotine there is various preparations. With hypnosis or acupuncture desire can also be attenuated by cigarettes. Nevertheless, there are for ex-smokers always situations where the urge to smoke is almost unbearable. Then your own motivation can be strengthened through a few tricks:

  • Avoid situations in which was used to smoke.
  • Seek employment for the hands.
  • Allow any feelings of grief, but appreciate the new-found fitness.
  • Put the saved money by not smoking in an extra piggy bank and thus to fulfill a request at the end of the month.
  • Cancel ash and cigarettes smoked in a glass jar and when the urge to smoke is overpowering it take a deep train.