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Fatty food – what the stomach needs now

The bikini season is over – so it can be feasted to their hearts content again. In autumn and winter hit in terms of food, many of us over the traces. But what to do when the stomach rebelling?

Fatty foodWhether fried food, cake or fast food – with the digestion of fatty foods has the stomach to fight. Since they stay longer in the digestive tract as raw or carbohydrates produced by the institution significantly more acid to break down the food. This can lead to irritation of the sensitive mucous membrane or the esophagus; The consequences are heartburn, bloating or stomach pain. The myth that a shot fat meal promotes digestion, stubbornly persists. However, doctors now believe that high-proof the process even braking. A suitable aperitif before dinner can however – due to the contained bitters, not because of alcohol – the production of digestive juices quite encouraging. If you want to make after eating for relief in the gastrointestinal tract should be mobile. The “1000 Steps” often cited are an effective way to speed up the digestion hit.

Heartburn, bloating, nausea – this helps.

Who because of a sensitive digestive system fatty foods quickly on the stomach, which can relieve symptoms, for example by using the power of nature. Herbal teas such as fennel, cumin and chamomile, contain valuable essential oils: These stimulate digestion and also act antispasmodic. Other natural supplements lessen stomach upset effective. For heartburn, which is caused by the reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus, help, for example, antacids that neutralize the acid. Peppermint should be avoided in this case, since it can exacerbate the symptoms. Enzymes from papaya and pineapple promote digestion and bloating can prevent or improve; Hot spices like chili or pepper have a similar effect. For the digestion of fats liver and gallbladder play a crucial role in preparations on the basis of artichoke extract to support two institutions and do not last positive effect on the cholesterol level of.

Superfluous pounds.

During the cold months, we make ourselves comfortable and move us significantly less than in the summer – since all the goodies hit particularly negative effect and creates one or other superfluous pounds. Who every now and then inserts between a “freshness day” with lots of fruits and vegetables, keeps the weight gain in check. A drinks fasting often acts miracle. Long walks in the fresh air and fat burning metabolism are stimulated; is also conducive to adequate fluid intake in the form of unsweetened teas and/or still mineral water. Should afflict you too much during the “Gourmet months” but not – until the next bikini season is finally a long way off …