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Tea – treat for body and soul

Tea is much more than just a liquid. Whether you enjoy a cup of tea in the morning, afternoon or evening; the soothing hot drink tastes any time of day and season. In addition, tea boosts the physical well-being and for all ages including the ideal drink.

TeaTea is considered discovery of the Chinese, even though the birth of the world famous drink is historically not been established. But around 5000 years ago can you have there already prepared the first tee. It “was” the world famous drink according to legend, by chance. It is said that the Chinese Emperor Chen Nung was leisurely strolls through his garden while he held a filled with hot water bowl in his hands. A suddenly emerging wind dropped three leaves of a wild shrub blow into his shell, from which a pleasant fragrance to be risen immediately. From then on, the world changed. Tea, won classic from the leaves of the tea bush was a coveted commodity. Growing giant tea plantations and the processing of individual varieties enriches the choice between a variety of classic teas, but also medicinal and herbal teas, fruit teas.

Enjoy the time with tea.

For centuries, the beneficial effect is well known that brings the pleasure of a good cup of tea with them. Only two things are needed to prepare this drink: hot, not boiling water and some tea leaves. Tea is great, warm or cold drink, as a thirst quencher. More intense but unfolds tea its effect, if you take a little time. Why not a teatime in the everyday schedule, treat yourself to a short break and enjoy the taste of one of the many varieties of leisure? This helps to collect thoughts, to escape the stress and moreover also does the soul good. Tea lovers often celebrate their personal enjoyment of tea. So is additionally a small ceremony with beautiful tea sets or pre-warmed cups without equal, to let your mind wander.

Tea – healing leaves from nature.

Drinking tea is a long tradition in many countries. But in tea lies next to the power to stimulate the senses, quite a healing effect. Thus, herbal teas and soothing healing since ancient times, but also used to prevent many diseases. Even in the early stages drinking the right cure herbal mixture as a tea infusion can even help ward off the further spread of the disease. Numerous tips and advice on the diverse range of preparation and application possibilities. Black tea helps, among other stomach ailments and is taken by the spoonful helpful in diarrhea. Bronchial and tea chest dissolve mucous, chamomile as relief from colds.