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The 7 Best Tips against neck pain

If the neck hurts with every movement, quality of life is severely limited. Every second American knows at least once a year, the feeling that you can not move properly. This back problems with a few preventive measures are easily avoidable.

Neck painNeck pain is the collective term for painful tension and cramps in the neck and shoulder muscles. Every third back pain treatment refers to the neck area. The range of pull in the shoulders extends to almost complete immobility of the neck area. Causes of neck pain are varied. First, the cervical spine is exposed because of their relatively high mobility higher loads and greater wear. At that biological susceptibilities often appears because of the wrong posture during work and leisure. Especially office activities are often associated with an unhealthy posture. But at home we usually not sitting back-friendly, also. These forms of neck pain can be treated well and easily avoided with a little prevention. The situation is different with neck pain due to cervical spine injuries, osteoporosis or rheumatic diseases. Here, only care of medical specialist can be provided.

The best tips for back problems.

  1. Look for a back-friendly comfort position. To become aware of one’s own posture it is already a good start for a healthier back.
  2. Be choosy about the chairs where you sit most of the day. Meanwhile, there are also suitable for seating in the middle and lower price segment.
  3. Often mental stress are the cause of neck pain. Try to incorporate some relaxing moments in your life where you can come to rest.
  4. Tension dissolve through specific relaxation times of itself. Massage, heat packs and muscle relaxants relieve acute symptoms and speed up the healing process. Use special neck support pillow for sleeping.
  5. Chronic pain (12+ weeks) can be treated with physiotherapy and sports specific exercises.
  6. Avoid drafts.
  7. Endurance sports, exercising the whole body, such as hiking, biking, running or backstroke, are particularly suited to preventing a tense neck.