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Ice Cream and many beautiful alternatives

What would be the summer without an ice cream? For most Americans, which is, of course, even if the bad conscience reminded that the ordinary ice cream is anything but healthy. But there are alternatives that taste good, are low in calories and even slightly can be produced even.

Ice Cream at homeAccording to the Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers of per capita consumption of ice-eater is stable. About 7-8 liters of ice enjoying the Americans on average per year, depending on the temperatures in the summer. Especially Ice benefit from high outside temperatures and always create new Ice works of art with which they not only convince taste. But there is a new trend: Who care of their health, but does not have to give up ice and can easily help themselves.

Making ice cream itself.

An ice machine facilitates the production of creamy ice cream, but it is not absolutely necessary. Many know the tricks of the mother, the juices, but has also frozen milk into yogurt cups, then hergaben an ice cream in a few hours. The taste keep up with the Ice could these creations but not always. Therefore, there is now smart alternatives that anyone can easily produce itself. Matching container is on the market, but there are also almost all plastic pots. One such example recipe contains the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 liter milk
  • 1/2 pint of cream
  • Something gelatin
  • Strawberries

Milk and cream are presented together, then added the gelatin. The strawberries can be cut into small pieces or pureed stirred into the slightly cooled mass. The pot must be for at least four hours in the freezer. Those in a hurry, prefers to take several small cups. The calorie-conscious can omit the cream. However, the fat is an important flavor carrier.

Homemade ice cream with low calories.

This is also possible: to put a low-calorie ice cream without ice cream maker, the following ingredients are needed:

  • Half a liter of low-fat yogurt
  • Half a lemon
  • Stevia sweetener or
  • Plenty of soft fruit

The yogurt place half an hour in the freezer, then sweeten with Stevia sweetener or pureed fruit and mix the following: finish the ice. If that’s not creamy enough, should ensure that he always has frozen a liter of water with 180 to 25g salt in cubes. The then come into a large bowl. A small metal bowl is placed into and is thus literally on ice. This allows the yogurt mix cold and creamy. A tip for completion: a tablespoon honey gives the ice a very fine taste, but it must be added, if the mass is still very soft.