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The benefits of daily exercise

How long you have to exercise, for this improve your health? This question is asked over and over again. A study from the United States now came to the conclusion that helps already shortest loads – as long as they are intense enough.

ExerciseMany sports medicine specialists say that adults should operate at least 150 minutes a week physically to protect against obesity and cardiovascular disease. The individual exercise sessions should last at least ten minutes. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends these “ten-minute rule”. A recent study now comes to the conclusion that use even shorter moments of movement for get health benefit.

However, the exercises must be intense enough. There are no meant practicing to exhaustion, but fast walking, climbing stairs or light jogging should do the trick. “The intensity of exercise is more important than the duration,” explains the study conductors Jessie X. from the University of Utah.

For the study, researchers evaluated data from 4,500 men and women from an older group for health study. All participants wore motion sensors that registered their movements in everyday life. It turned out that every minute of intense physical activity per day reduced the risk of obesity, namely on average by 0.2 kilograms.

Sport reduces mortality risk.

The researchers are convinced: When moving, every minute counts. Jessie X. said: “The fact that even such short units of brisk activity can have such a positive effect, is an encouraging message.” This finding should also motivate couch potatoes,make time for to physical exercise.

Only recently started the medical symposium on sports medicine which examined the effects of physical activity on mortality. The analysis, which integrated the data of 416 175 participants, showed that from a slight activity of 92 minutes per week or 15 minutes a day significant reduction the mortality risk, revealed namely on 14 percent. people who had daily moving about 15 minutes, an extended their life on at least three year.

Further analysis show that slight movement each quarter of an hour reduced the risk of mortality by another four percent. Thus, the life expectancy increases with increasing duration of the training, but the biggest gain is reflected in the transition from complete physical inactivity to light or moderate exercise. It’s another one proof that sport is always worthwhile.