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High Sensitive Skin: endangered in spring

Not only allergies and hay fever patients see the spring with mixed feelings. The winter with its dry heating air exert the skin, leaving it dry out. In the spring they then reacts with impurities or even inflammation. American study of the finished recently even pollen that can irritate the skin.

High Sensitive SkinExtremely sensitive skin dries out in winter often strong and responds in the spring when the sebum production increases with impurities, irritation and inflammation. With appropriate assessment and damaged skin even pollen on the hair follicles penetrate the top layer of skin and can cause allergic symptoms in different strength. If you already know that one’s skin is extremely sensitive to any kind of change that can protect against all, with proper care, prevent and avoid unpleasant surprises.
For daily moisturizer for sensitive, allergy-stressed skin, for example, Eucerin pH5 Lotion is suitable. This provides long-lasting moisture, improves skin elasticity and significantly reduces the penetration of pollen into the skin.

Spring program for the skin.

What to do to start with a nice, smooth and refined skin in the spring? Plenty of outdoor exercise, light, fresh food and adequate fluids now do the whole body well. Herbal detox and help thus to a better complexion: Ingredients Birch, dandelion or nettle example, are very effective.

Irreplaceable before application of skin care products not only for impure and tired skin is a gentle but deep cleansing. This is easily possible without effort. Eucerin pH5 washing lotion is suitable for example for daily cleansing of the body and face, preserves the natural defenses of the skin by the pH 5 enzyme protection and thereby strengthens the barrier function of the skin. If in doubt about the classification of skin condition and the selection of appropriate care preparations pharmacists in pharmacy or possibly also the dermatologist advice and assistance are at your side.

Spring care for ultra sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin that dries out quickly and react to any change with inflammation or impurities, especially when used in the spring of pollen, suggests an allergic hazard. Care products must be in accordance with carefully chosen. The following ingredients have no place in cosmetics for highly sensitive, threatened by allergy skin nothing:

  • Aggressive detergent surfactants destroy the skin’s natural protective filter allergens and open floodgates
  • Silicone or waxy greasy creams clog pores and lead to acne, pimples and inflammation
  • Perfumes, and essential oils can cause allergic reactions
  • Preservatives and chemical additives can irritate sensitive skin

In dermatologically tested cosmetics from the pharmacy ingredients and properties are adapted to the needs of irritated skin:

  • Stabilize creams and lotion based on vegetable oils with essential fatty acids
  • Protect and regenerate additions of niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3,
  • PH-neutral shower gel or soap gets the acid mantle of the skin
  • Urea, acts as a water retention and is good for dry skin
  • Evening primrose oil or black cumin oil soothes and additionally provides linoleic acid and vitamin E.