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The Day of Organ Donation

For the past 31 years, he is held annually, always on the first Saturday in June, instead of: the date of donation. The aim of this day of action is to raise awareness of the issue and reduce tension.

The Day of Organ DonationAmerica with about 10,000 seriously ill people for an organ that could save their lives. Only 8,000 patients need a kidney; the average waiting time is more than six to eight years. For too long: Countless organ recipients succumb in the meantime their disease. This lack of donor organs already exists, since it is possible to carry out transplantation. According to a survey conducted by the for Health Education, the half of the citizens feel adequately informed to make a personal decision for or against organ donation can. Scandals – for example in the form that physicians falsify the records of preferred patient to achieve a faster supply – although several are rare, but unfortunately lead to a significant decline in organ availability in the population.

Organ Donation Day 2015.

Since the end of 2012, all health insurance companies are obliged to consult insured according to the so-called decision rules every two years to her attitude when it comes to organ transplantation, to attract potential donors. Also the day of organ donation addresses this question and serves to dispel taboos the topic, break down barriers and not least to inform as many people. The central event of the action takes place every year in another state directed the festivities from. In addition to an ecumenical service, a colorful stage show and numerous actions the of Centre for Health Education is along with several patient organizations in information kiosks to answer questions on organ donation and transplantation.

Organ donor card – the pros and cons.

The benefits of organ donation for the receiver are obvious: Without the much needed donor organ occurs sooner or later death. Organ donors are therefore potential lifesaver. By the willingness of one’s own death other people to be able to give a healthy life, many donors gain a meaningful sensation. Is discussed ethical much the question of whether donor feel something even at the time of organ removal – after brain death is then indeed occurred, the heart beats but on. Also, the diffuse feeling a dying man could wait for his own death, many people can stop at a decision for the post-mortem organ donation.However, we fixed his attitude during his lifetime writing remains the bereaved saves a difficult situation in the event of their own death: If a deceased namely created not available in terms of organ donation, members must decide according to the presumed intention of the deceased. So who explores early with this complex issue, provides clarity – whatever the personal decision may be.