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The order of an effective treatment of Lyme disease

There is an order in which the microbes should be treated. Is this correct, gentle methods may work. Treatment should always be a combination of electromagnetic interventions, using specific microbial inhibition frequencies (KMT technology), along with antibiotics or other antimicrobial strategies. It should also always a toxin elimination program, carried out jointly with a good psychotherapy and the hygiene of the general lifestyle. Most patients will need several years for some support before they have adapted, have found a new way of life and the symptoms are gone. Lyme disease is characterized by cyclic rhythms and unexpected relapses of symptoms from time to time. Once a patient has figured out what works best, they can cope with very little help even their disease.Lyme Disease

Klinghardt Lyme disease protocol.

Biological treatment of Lyme disease and chronic infections: based on over 900 cases successful treatment.

Treatment of Lyme disease requires four distinct steps:

  • Removing the toxic body burden/unload the system
  • Improving disturbed physiology
  • Reducing the number of germs
  • Immunomodulation.

1. Decreasing toxic body burden/unload system.

  • Proper sleep
  • Low EMF (Turn all the fuses from, slide your bedroom with bright color to increase the photon wave to melatonin and non-REM sleep Delta)
  • Non-toxic/allergy-tested mattresses (caution: flame retardants PBDE)
  • Avoid light and noise at night
  • Use the short form of toxin elimination and antimicrobial treatment: Freeze-dried garlic (against microbes, toxins, sulfur), Chlorella (viruses, bacteria, toxins, nutrients), coriander (bacteria, viruses, toxins) and fish oil (for the microcirculation and flexibility the cell wall).

The slow form of healing.

Toxins elimination:

  • Clean the biofilms of the gut: 1 tsp tone followed by 1 tablespoon fiber laxative for 6 weeks, before doing anything else.
  • Recognize genetic disorders (methylation, sulfation, acetylation – B12, B2, folic acid, SAM-e, methionine, taurine, MSM) Drove a mercury and metal removal – phospholipid exchange (EDTA, phospholipids, alpha lipoic acid, magnesium, energy).
  • Give the healthy range of metals sufficient space CVE and CGF, DMEP (ORS), set Nano amounts chlorella and cilantro, EDTA, DMSA, DMPS a Use Ph- and carbon-based detoxifying agent: glycine, laser or homeopathy can also.


  • Colon, hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage, rhythmic compression of the skull base and liver
  • Dry brushing the skin and warm / cold showers
  • Swedish sauna and detoxification with ionic foot bath.

Identify and resolve interference fields:

  • Scars
  • dental infections and dead teeth
  • Chronic local infections (tonsils, appendix, sinuses, etc.)
  • Dysfunctional autonomic ganglion (superior cervical, sphenopalatine, pelvic ganglia, etc.)

Remove “allergenic triggers” from your environment:

  • Food allergies
  • Volatile organic compounds from carpets, furniture and colors
  • newspaper and printer color
  • Work / Occupation with toxic compounds.

Removing psychological toxins.

  • 20 minutes writing exercise to overcome past traumas
  • Family meeting to resolve generational problems
  • Applied Psycho-Neurobiology, to resolve conflicts and to handle severe trauma.
  • Spend time regularly in the healthy nature
  • Regular massage
  • Qi Gong, Tai Chi or meditation.

The elimination of structural blockages.

  • Optimizing the occlusion superiorly lymphatic treatment
  • Craniosacral therapy in order to improve the fluid dynamics in the CNS
  • Improve Visceral Manipulation to organ function.

2. Improving disturbed physiology and biochemistry (vitality, detoxification, immune responses, tissue repair).


  • Always start with a KPU urine test
  • Evaluation of laboratory results – what is missing and what is too much (hormones, minerals and electrolytes, glutathione, sulfur, etc.)
  • Genetic testing should be carried out
  • Diet: Gluten and casein-free diet, specific carbohydrate diet, Metabolic Typing, blood group diet or other Diatformen

Common deficiencies in Lyme disease:

  • Magnesium: must be given must transdermally or by injection. Oral magnesium Were may not be sufficient.
  • Copper, zinc and iron appear in oxidized form in hair and serum, the analyzes often give incorrect results.

Improving disturbed biochemistry and physiology: KPU/HPU

About 80 percent of Lyme patients have developed HPU (hemo-pyrrole-lactam Uria). The term That is mistakenly used in most US literature citations, is KPU (Kryptopyrroluria). Disarms the immune system through the catastrophic loss of zinc, manganese, arachidonic acid, histamine, taurine. These losses are difficult with each current state of the art (only bone and CNS biopsies are reliable) to detect.

Laboratory results need to be considered:

  • Alkaline Phosphatase (low / normal)
  • Copper: zinc share great it as 1 in hair and urine
  • Low Omega-6 in the erythrocyte membrane fatty acid test
  • zinc in white blood cell count, erythrocyte copper levels.


  • Stretching
  • Weightlifting
  • Movement (dance, tai chi, qigong, etc.)
  • Aerobic exercises – avoid fatigue and pain after EXERCISE.

Cell toxicology studies:

The mitochondria are not damaged. The OECD test for mutagenicity shows the result: not mutagenic. Normal human cells are then not led to apoptosis (economically and genetically pre-programmed cell death). Already damaged cells and tumor cells are destroyed. There are no unwanted pharmacological effects in numerous cell culture tests were found.

Medical drugs:

Occasionally, the use of medication will be advantageous, for example antimicrobial agents. In addition to this program ILADS recommendations, see list:

  • Antivirals (Valtrex and Valcyte)
  • Antifungals (ITRA- and voriconazole)
  • Anti-parasitic agents (Alinia and Biltricide)
  • antibiotics (with the above program, minocycline, and antimalarials)

Lyme disease as a messenger. In the course of conquering this disease there are a lot of personal growth and a lot while learning.