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The Sauna – refueling stop for body and soul

During the cold season prevails in saunas high operating outdoors is really uncomfortable, warms and relaxes a sweat in particular. Sauna makes sense, since it offers numerous health benefits.

The saunaDuring the sauna session, the body temperature rises by about one to two degrees, compared with a slight fever. The body’s own immune cells are thus activated, there is increased production of natural killer cells in the bone marrow. In addition, increases the production of interferons, which means messenger molecules, which play a major role in the defense against infections. The circulation is stimulated during the sauna session by the strong heating and subsequent cooling, which in particular people who suffer from hypotension (also low blood pressure) benefits. The skin also benefits from sweating, since the increased blood flow and the pore cleansing strengthen the protective acid mantle. Not to mention the relaxing effect on the soul, which is usually adjusts quickly while staying in the comfortable warmth. In order to achieve a lasting effect on body and soul, one should sweat all year about once a week.

When care is required.

During an acute type infection you should avoid going to the sauna: First, the risk of infection is high, because viruses and bacteria love the warm, moist air and stay there very long. and second, aggravated sweating colds and the like often. People suffering from a chronic illness, you should consult a doctor before sauna; Special caution is in diseases that affect the heart and circulatory system or the vascular apparatus necessary. Are asthmatic or thyroid patients must also inform exactly whether the strong sweating poses more health risks than benefits. But even healthy people should not ignore the signals of the body and should prefer to leave the room early, as exposing themselves to unnecessary circulation problems.

How to sauniert right?

In addition to compliance with hygienic principles – thoroughly clean it, wear slippers, never bet on the banker without a towel – are some more tips to follow. Since about sweating very much fluid is excreted, you should drink enough before, but not alcoholic. In addition, make sure that the stomach, nor is fully empty, because both charged to the organism. We recommend up to three eight- to 15-minute sauna sessions, during the last few minutes you should sit upright to prepare the circuit to stand up. . After cooling, the plunge pool or in the shower the resting phase, the possible also lasts as long as the sweating itself is one Compensates following the sauna fluid loss through mineral water or diluted juice from, you will definitely find satisfaction home – tired and relaxed for a meaningful training session for the immune system.