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Tinnitus – ringing in the ear when making sick

Many people have experienced tinnitus. Usually they disappear just as quickly as they occur. The whistling, rattling or pinging nests in one ear, an ENT doctor should immediately be consulted. If an organic cause is found, the tinnitus can be removed relatively quickly.

Tinnitus Sometimes you can not determine specific causes and day and night suffer from noise, which can only hear themselves.It called subjective tinnitus disease, but it is not a disease as such, but merely a symptom of unknown origin. Especially at night and at rest pollute the unexplained ear noises that can be roughly broken down into four different severities:

  • Grade 1: The ears are indeed perceived, but not significantly affect.
  • Grade 2: In the silence, the bothersome ringing in the ears, which are aggravated by stress or other loads.
  • Grade 3: The ears are so disturbing, that can occur sleep or concentration problems.
  • Grade 4: The constant noise affect on both physical and mental health.

Combat noise with infusions and tones.

Although numerous possible causes, such as inflammation of the ear, ear wax, stress or interfere with the acoustic stimulus processing, there is a trigger of subjective tinnitus are known. The treatment still proves difficult. The success of the therapy is also depending of the duration of the existing tinnitus. You can connect an acute tinnitus , which is less than three months, much faster than a long-lasting, chronic tinnitus. First, there is a therapy usually from infusions, where, among other drugs to improve circulation or a combination of saline and corticosteroids is used to reduce inflammation. In chronic tinnitus mainly role play sound and music therapists, as they are being researched at the university and shows good results. An attempt is made with special melodies for songs to delete the false alarm in the hearing center, so that the brain learns again to process real acoustic stimuli correctly.