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Hypertension causes

Unfortunately, neither sex nor boys offer safe protection against hypertension. The most insidious thing about this now became called endemic disease, when is that early warning signs absent. Although the risk for high blood pressure with age significantly increases, elevated blood pressure values may also much earlier, occurring already in childhood or adolescence.

Hypertension causesIn this case also the type of hypertension plays a role. Suffer from the so-called primary hypertension, among which about 80 to 90 percent of patients who can no direct unique Hypertension Cause identify. However, there are a number of risk factors such as genetic predisposition, obesity, diabetes, high salt intake and unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity. In contrast, at 10 to 20 percent of all cases another underlying disease before, which has a secondary hypertension result. Adrenal disorders and hormonal disorders, certain medications such as rheumatism or the pill may cause hypertension. Basically, a high blood pressure but rarely reveals based real symptoms. He usually is randomly determined by the doctor during a routine blood pressure check.

Hypertension causes in children and adults.

While infants and young children suffering from hypertension merely and only as a result of organic causes, known in adulthood hypertension causes may already increasing in children and adolescents be relevant. This especially severe obesity and lack of exercise appear to play a major role. During pregnancy dagegen hypertension may occur as a symptom of pregnancy poisoning that occurs occasionally and is probably caused by hormonal influences, metabolic disorders or genetic predisposition. Are found particularly often very young or aged mothers and women Obese and diabetic women. Most of the blood pressure increases until the age, but for this certainly does not need to be pre-programmed. Rather it is the living conditions such as lack of exercise, too much fat and salt as well as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, which drive over the years along with other age-related diseases of the blood pressure permanently jumping.