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Tips for a healthy cardiovascular system

Regularly, tireless and usually unnoticed the heart between 60 and 80 times per minute pumps up to 100 milliliters of blood through our body – day after day, year after year. So, to give time maintaining the health of this important organ a little attention.

Healthy cardiovascularALS transport apparatus is the heart and circulatory system to transport blood, oxygen and nutrients to all cells of the body and to exempt them from accumulating metabolites. Diseases of this body cycle – the length of about 100,000 kilometers, after all, represents twice the circumference of the earth – are among the most common ailments of society and are the number one killer in America. Although genetic predisposition and the aging process play a certain role, but decides mostly lifestyle over. health or disease. According to a scientific study in the USA, up to 90 percent of all serious heart disease could be prevented: through a healthy lifestyle.

Risk factors – and how they can be minimized.

We now know that a variety of risk factors that are instrumental in the development of cardiovascular disease. Old age, gender (men are affected more often) and family medical history can certainly not influence, while other possible causes can be eliminated entirely: High blood pressure, high blood fat levels and not least diabetes must necessarily treated because of their harmful effects on the heart and blood vessels be. However, changes in lifestyle in terms of heart health often also have a positive influence on such diseases. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are major burdens on the cardiovascular system – the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke increases significantly. Through a life free from the blue haze so you do not just lung good.

Moving, enjoy, relax.

Who pays attention to regular exercise, is – or jogging, already a major step towards Healthy Heart: Just the endurance sports like just jogging, swimming, cycling or walking namely are there, thanks to which the circulatory system is gaining momentum and blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels remain in balance. Also let excess pounds are falling, which also affect the heart. According to the American Heart Foundation should ideally undergo four to five units of Sport 30 to 45 minutes per week. Useful, recommended and support is to use a pedometer. Modern pedometer, like the CaloriScan, in addition to the completed number of steps also display the calorie consumption. Specifically to ensure the optimal supply of essential micronutrients to the higher demand during exercise, we recommend a high quality nutritional supplements sport. In terms of diet, the Mediterranean diet is considered ideal: On the menu here mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish and high quality oils. Time or work pressure, noise, conflicts – even stress is one of the risk factors for cardiovascular problems, as it ensures the long term for high blood pressure and a faster heartbeat and the autonomic nervous system overused. With sports, regular breaks in everyday life and relaxation methods allow the personal Batteries effective charge. Last but not least stable social contacts have proven positive impact, for family and friends provide support and assistance – and caress the heart.