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Varied food lowers the risk of diabetes?

By eating plenty of fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of diabetes developing type 2. Obviously that a special role is played by the variety on the plate.Risk of diabetes

Almost everyone knows that you have to pay attention to the diet in diabetes. And many think that you can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes primarily by reducing, that you take as little sweets as it possible. Less well known, however is likely that you can reduce risk of diabetes specifically, by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables and thereby feeds as varied as possible. That is what researchers now discovered through a case-cohort study.

For the EPIC-Norfolk study of 3,000 subjects were observed over a period of eleven years. Participants were examined at baseline on their health and fitness level back. They then had to gather in a food diary amount and type of meals. Depending on the nature of their diet they were assigned to different groups. As a little fruit and vegetables in the diet was an average consumption of 2.1 servings per day, as the average consumption were 3.7 servings per day, and as much 5.7 servings. Eight different types of fruit and vegetables in the week were defined as low diversity, twelve varieties as mediocre and 16.3 grades as high diversity.

Of the 3,166 subjects within eleven years 115 study participants has developed type 2 diabetes. The highest risk of developing diabetes, while those participants who had a particularly low proportion of fruit and vegetables in their diet. The diabetes rate was with them 21 percent higher than in the subjects with the highest fruit and vegetable consumption. As a particularly favorable proved to be a food during experimentation: the more varied were the meals, the lower was the risk of developing diabetes.

Overall, the number of diabetes cases among the participants was the lowest, which brought it to 3.5 to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day and at least twelve different varieties per week. Another part result is: mainly a high vegetable consumption low impact on the risk of diabetes. A fruit consumption had hardly contrast effects. The researchers explain that had been so far hardly been examined just the effects of a particularly varied diet. As reasons for the antidiabetic effect of fruit and vegetable-rich diet suspected the low energy density and high fiber content of plant food. Also bioactive substances can be a reason for the action.