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What helps against mosquito bites?

Even after bites prevention is the best treatment. While transferring the little bloodsuckers in our temperate climate zone not diseases, but the bites become red and itchy persistent. Sometimes ensure allergens for thick, red bumps, if you do not immediately take countermeasures. Most of these are available in every household.

Mosquito Mosquito bites applies: Prevention is better than scratching.
Anyone who likes to be outdoors on summer evenings, choose clothing that leaves little skin open. Regular showers prevents the smell of sweaty skin stimulates the appetite mosquito. Especially in the evenings attracts the artificial light of the Vampires from open windows and doors. The penetrating light buzz and itching of bites distribute reliable sleep. Help to prevent it best:

  • Mosquito screens on the windows.
  • A decorative mosquito net over the bed – especially in young children recommended.
  • Repellents, like the classic mosquito repellent chemical are suitable because of their composition especially for older children and adults.

If they pierced.

In most cases, it creates a thirsting for blood gnat to the bedroom. Then wakes you at the latest on the itch of the stitch. Provide first aid:

  • A drop of lemon juice
  • A slice of onion
  • An ice cube, which highlighted best with a paper or ink cotton fabric is placed on the puncture site
  • A cold envelope with vinegar water

In the pharmacy insects gels are available which ease the itching: Their agents block the histamine receptors on nerve cells and thus the allergic reaction to the bite, caused by the saliva of the mosquito. Gel has the advantage that it cools further. Who tends to form large, thick welts, selects hydrocortisone cream and apply them as needed.
Also effective are battery-powered bite healer as “insects pen” in the trade. You heat the sting site in seconds to over 50°C. The protein compounds in insect venom or saliva of the mosquito being destroyed, the reason for the histamine-release of the “victim” is omitted.

Beware of infections.

The natural response to the agonizing itching scratching – especially in children. The damaged skin can, however, quickly penetrate pathogens. No problem with the current tetanus vaccination and a mild disinfectant in the medicine cabinet.

Especially when you travel, you should be equipped with the right, the skin covering clothing. When staying in regions where severe infectious diseases are transmitted by mosquito bites, appropriate precautions with the doctor or the nearest tropical institute must be discussed.
In hot and humid tropical climate but also harmless insect bites can ignite quickly by scratching. Doubly important are therefore an effective insect angel, or a bite healer and a good disinfectant in the luggage.