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What is Metabolic Balance?

On January 15, 2016 is Metabolic Balance Day. We explain what it’s all about and why metabolic balance can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.Metabolic Balance

Most diets which are correct at the beginning often don’t bring desired success, or not recommended for permanently using. Metabolic Balance is not a diet, but a holistic nutrition concept that can cause change of metabolism and positively affect on health. This is the aspect of physical well-being on the foreground, while the weight loss is a desired side effect.

For each participant is created personal diet plan of metabolic balance. To this are analyzed the blood values and other personal information, such as body measurements or weight. Into consideration also taken personal dislikes and preferences. Then the program leads to four stages of a healthy lifestyle.

Self-test: WHtR- and BMI.

Although metabolic balance is not used primarily for weight loss, the experience shows, that it’s can permanently lead to lower body weight in addition to a greater well-being. Thereby, as a result, also is lower the risk of diseases, caused by obesity. To determine how large is the personal health risk due to the weight, there are two mainly meaningful values. One is the, so-called, Waist to Height Ratio (WHtR). It indicates the ratio between waist circumference and height in centimeters. And it’s, according to the latest research, has an important value for the determination of health risks in relation to obesity.

The second important value is the Body Mass Index (BMI). It provides information about whether you have normal, ideal, overweight or underweight. The formula for BMI is: weight in kilograms: height in meters squared. However, the most recent findings of the BMI is, less significant than the WHtR, for determining obesity-related health risks. Assignation of one or both values to a health risk should be necessarily given to weight loss and to a constant changes in diet.