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What you should know about the HCG diet

Spring is here! The things are getting shorter, narrower, tighter, unsightly pads are visible to stimulate and to some adventurous diet intentions.

HCG DietDistributed or currently communicates frequently in the vernacular is called the HCG diet, also known as the Hollywood diet. Supposedly prominent actors, particularly in the US, have used the method, from which the name Hollywood diet should result.

HCG is a hormone that is popularly referred to as the pregnancy hormone. The abbreviation HCG stands for “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin”. Non-prescription pregnancy tests detect hCG in urine after. In the first trimester of pregnancy the HCG value reaches the maximum. In medicine, HCG is used by physicians, among other women who want children to trigger ovulation.
An authorization for use with the aim of reducing weight, it does not yet exist.
Nevertheless, the HCG diet methodology circulates as apparently for over 60 years.

How does the HCG diet?

On the first day should begin with the HCG administration. This is often recommended as an injection into the context, but is not allowed in America. Some choose instead HCG oral. In America HCG is sold freely available as homeopathic medicine from the company Homeda in the form of globules in potency C30.

The first two days will serve as preparation. Here may be eaten extensively.
From the 3rd day for the next 3-4 weeks following applies: a maximum of 500 kcal / day plus HCG. (Usually, the average caloric intake optimally at about 1900 kcal in women and in men around 2400 kcal, depending on the body weight and energy consumption.)
Banned in this time, the use of alcohol, fat and sugar. As allowed foods are: coffee or tea with a maximum of one tablespoon of milk a day, lean meat or fish, plus some vegetables, a little toast and some fruit.

By this drastic calorie reduction can lead to an insufficient supply of various nutrients and minerals as well as vitamins and trace elements. The risk for the occurrence of increased cardiac arrhythmia, and for the formation of kidney stones is increased. Other undesirable side effects may affect long-term drastic calorie reduction without sufficient supply of micronutrients may an increased risk of thrombosis, water retention, headaches, depression and mood swings, cramps and diarrhea be.
Basically, according to the physical constitution: Effective weight management requires a long-term change in diet on a healthy, balanced diet combined with sufficient physical activity.

In the phase of weight reduction applies: consume more energy than record.

A real secret formula or magic pill does not exist, but the market offers a variety of preparations which can be used effectively supporting a healthy, natural way and consequently promote the motivation for obtaining healthy feel-good weight.