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What to consider when recipes

Sometimes red, sometimes blue or maybe yellow or green, the talk is of recipes where the physician prescribes medication. But with recipe a prescription drug and is not always obtained at the pharmacy and the prescribed medication.

RecipesFor patient security, a prescription may be redeemed only in pharmacies and not more than three different medications contain indicated in the lower part of the recipe. However, not every drug must be on the recipe and also the insurance company has an influence on the shape or the color of the recipe.

The color of the recipe depends on the drug and insurance status.

Recipes can be both red and blue, yellow or green. Where:

  • Red Recipes get all the patients who are insured in a statutory health insurance. They are used by the doctor for prescription drugs, for which the costs are borne by the fund. Nevertheless, to make a rule for this medication copayments compliant with current legislation.
  • Blue Recipes are private, which means that the patient has to pay them yourself. Members of a private health insurance company can submit their following these recipes for reimbursement.
  • Green Recipes usually contain recommended drugs, but without a prescription can be bought at any pharmacy. The drugs on these recipes are to be paid by the patient.
  • Yellow recipes are reserved for medicines which can be prescribed only under strict conditions and controls. These include sleeping pills and strong painkillers such as morphine.

About generic drugs, and drug discount contracts exchange.

Basically, a patient not entitled to lower the cost to a particular drug, but so-called exchange obligation was introduced a few years ago. Furthermore, sickness funds include always new discount agreements with pharmaceutical manufacturers, so that even within one year of a drug can frequently change, namely whenever through a rebate contract another drug is better than the previous.

The pharmacy is committed to always deliver the best product with the same effect. These are often more favorable than the preparations so-called “generic”, ie imitators of an original preparation that may be introduced after the expiration of the patent. However, the “generic” must contain the same active ingredient in the same strength as the original preparations. In shape, color and additives, the products may differ. In shape, color and additives, the products may differ. The recipe so-called “aut idem box” is ticked. Patients also have the ability to get on their previous request further preparations. In this case, they are first paid by yourself and later submitted to the health insurance reimbursement.