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What women should know about wrinkles

Meticulous search for first or new wrinkle is the first employment for many women in the morning. But what are wrinkles as they occur and what can be done about it?

WrinklesWrinkles where thinner skin is exposed to particular stresses. Whether through constant stretching through facial expressions, or by a reduction of the elasticity, wrinkles are initially only be seen early in the morning or after a busy day. Even if you drink too little can be sure that wrinkles are more visible. The handle is then to creams and lotions for most ladies the most important measure. The question of why men are more likely not affected, answered by their skin structure. The men’s skin is thicker and therefore less susceptible total for wrinkles. Then there is the social factor with wrinkles ascribes life experience rather unattractive men and women, even in the worst case assumes an unhealthy lifestyle and neglect. The wrinkling especially of the genes is dependent and can only be influenced due care.

What does the cosmetics for wrinkles?

The advertising promises quick relief, often at high prices. In fact, the creams and lotions contain many substances that can populate mainly small wrinkles again. Of course only until the fed substances are broken down again. A real repair of the pleats is not possible. This does not mean that women in particular the development of easy to accept that. The skin type should be taken into account necessarily. Healthy skin care starts of course with the cleaning. This is done as gently as possible in the morning and evening. Subsequently, the skin needs a soothing cream that is applied only gently. Strong massaging the skin charged additionally. The scrub away dead skin once a week. A mask every few days provides the skin with valuable nutrients.

Healthy lifestyle against wrinkles.

The health is also reflected by the skin condition. By celebrated nights, alcohol and cigarettes can make the skin look gray and enhance the formation of wrinkles. Additionally, those who do not drink enough water, soon noticed a deterioration of the skin. So conversely, a healthy lifestyle to improve the skin’s appearance. This includes a vitamin-rich food source, economical use of stimulants and plenty of water. Two to three liters should be, because here the defect is on the face especially early. The economical use of cosmetics relieves the skin. It is known also that sunbed users suffer most from early skin aging. According to the importance of appropriate sun protection factor while sunbathing. Skin will thank you with a fresher look and less wrinkles.