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Law about smoking bring many benefits

Smoking is now banned in many countries – at least in public places and workplaces. In a large analysis of the medical benefits of these laws now been studied – with positive results.smoking

In a meta-analysis now the medical benefits of non smoking protection laws was examined. It was found that after the introduction of smoke free laws and the countries concerned, the hospitalizations have declined due to cardiovascular and lung diseases. In another study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, there was even a decrease of cases of sudden cardiac death.

The meta-analysis summarizes the results of 45 studies that examined the effects of 37 non smoking protection laws in various countries around the world. It turned out that it came relatively quickly after the imposition of bans in a decrease of hospitalizations. Overall, the number of heart attacks decreased by 15 percent, strokes were reduced by 16 percent. In lung diseases, there was a decrease of 24 percent.

Proven medical benefits of smoking bans.

The study could even prove a dose-effect relationship, because of the decline of illnesses was in those countries where smoking was prohibited only in the workplace, at least, and where was no longer allowed to smoke in restaurants and bars, the highest. The main reason is that even passive smoking leads to massive health problems. Thus, in studies shows that the in children already after five minutes of passive smoking to a decrease in elasticity of the aorta. According to a study by the World Health Organization, each year about 600,000 people die from the effects of passive smoking.

In addition to the exposure of passive smoking is also likely that the smokers themselves less frequently, due to the access restrictions for cigarette, can even stop smoking completely. In many countries – including US- smoking was banned in public buildings and at the workplace in recent years. The laws are controversial in many places, but the new studies show that there are effective without doubt.