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Why are foot injuries in diabetics so dangerous?

Especially with diabetes feet are particularly vulnerable to injuries such as skin tears, bruising or inflammation. As a result of diabetes but these are usually late or did not notice and can have far-reaching consequences, such as poorly healing wounds, ulcers or worse, the loss of the affected foot lead.

Foot injuriesEven today common of diabetic consequences include amputations of toes, part of the foot or the entire limb of the most foot. Cause are poorly controlled diabetes and vascular damage leading especially in the feet cause disturbed. The feet are insensitive to pain and minor injuries are often first noticed when they have become larger ulcers or wounds. In addition, significantly worse heal wounds in diabetic patients and they are prone to infections, since due to the high blood sugar usually not only the nerves are damaged, but also the blood flow regions, and the immune system is weakened. It is all give more important reason for diabetics to pay special attention to their feet. Especially when they are already suffering from the first sign of diabetic foot as tingling, burning or pain insensitivity.

How can I reduce the risk of injury?

As a result of the sensory disturbances both bruising and injury, burns or skin tears are perceived too late, the feet should be every day, are best examined with a mirror. Equally important is of course the foot care with appropriate products. In addition to washing, thorough drying and applying lotion professional foot care and regular visits to the podiatrist may additionally be useful for treatment ingrown nails, callus, corns and possible infections professionally.

Also important to avoid foot injuries in diabetics:

  • Comfortable shoes that do not press or rub
  • Socks without seams in the foot or a constricting waistband
  • Not apply to hot foot baths, heating pads, hot water bottles
  • Do not use sharp or pointed objects on your feet and give up running barefoot
  • Even the smallest injury thoroughly disinfected provide sterile and best thought of a doctor.