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Why is there no hibernation in humans?

Hibernation in humans – yes, why not? The persistent fatigue in the dark season let almost suspect that just would not be the worst idea. Or is it? Researchers have brought light into the darkness.

Hibernation in humans

There are winter rest, the winter torpor and hibernation. The Hibernation is a phase that is strongly shut down in energy demand and thus the consumption. They exist in animals and plants. The hibernation, however, applies only to cold-blooded animals whose samtliche life processes are temporarily reduced significantly. Hibernation is only a minor sleep. The body temperature is reduced and the throttled energy requirements. Not uncommon is an interrupted hibernation, be included in the water and feed supplies. The length of hibernation is dependent on many factors. And in humans? To fall into hibernation, certain biochemical processes have experience dictate. These heard that surrounded the metabolism. Instead of burning carbohydrates that are taken daily usually several times, the organism focused on combustion of the stored fat reserves. The process is genetically fixed. In a long-standing research, a research group of the University of Marburg been able to demonstrate that this gene is also present in humans.

Why do people need to hibernate?

Today man does not need to hibernate. The food supply is adequate and the artificial supply of heat is at least in Western countries are no problem. At present, primarily interested in the military for hibernation in humans. With the released funds the opportunity to be tested, to put soldiers into hibernation in order to be able to transport them gently with injuries. In addition is interested in transplantation medicine for conditions – if it is possible to place individual organs into hibernation, it would represent a new breakthrough.

People in hibernation.

It has given them: People in hibernation. Researchers report that until about 100 years old Siberian tribe responded to the food shortage in the winter with a six-month hibernation. Only once a day they got up briefly to get something to drink and eat. 2006 stunned a Japanese the public. It was during a hiking trip in October fell off a cliff and had been seriously injured. Movement Presentable he fell into a state sleep, he called himself a restful sleep. After 24 days it took rescuers. At the time Mitsutaka Uchikoshi only had a body temperature of 22°C. He has recovered completely.
Anyway – the typical fatigue in winter has to do with a little hibernation. It is the sequence of the hormone melatonin, which is off in the dark. The way of life, such as severe food and too little exercise reinforce the fatigue.